Angular Development

The selection of the most suitable platform makes it easy to build an application with the web is a complex task to achieve. For the same, Angular web development have come up with all such features that make it quite easy to handle. It provides combine declarative templates, dependency injection, end to end tooling, and integration of best practices via this you can easily tackle the development challenges.


Angular JS is an open source structural framework for dynamic web applications, originally developed in 2009 by Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons, presently maintained by a giant “Google”. Its data binding and dependency injection help users in eliminating the code that you are currently using. Such a facility takes place within the browser that makes it an ideal partner with server technology. 

Core Features

Some of the core features of AngularJS development are as follows:

  • Data Binding:
    This feature allows automatic synchronisation of data between the model and view components.

  • Scope:
    These are the objects that are used for referring to the existing models.

  • Controller:
    Controllers are the javascript functions that only bounds to a particular scope.

  • Services:
    Angular JS comes up with several built-in extensive services such as $http to make an XMLHttpRequest. These are some of the singleton objects which are instantiated only once in the applications.

  • Directives:
    These are the markers on DOM elements that include attributes, CSS and other elements. All such elements are used to create custom HTML tags that serve as new custom widgets. Some of the built-in directives in Angular js are ngBind, ngModel, etc.

  • Model View Whatever:
    MVW is a type of designing pattern for dividing an application into different parts called Model, View, and Controller each with their respective responsibilities.

  • Angular development services implement MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) instead of implementing MVC in the traditional sense. In this way, it is termed as Model View Whatever.

  • Routing:
    It is just a concept of switching views.

  • Deep Linking:
    With the help of deep linking, one can easily encode the state of the application in the URL so that it can be bookmarked. This results in restoring the application from the URL.
  • Dependency injection:
    With this built-in feature of dependency, a developer can easily create, understand and test the application.

Advantages Of Angular Development

Some of the major advantages of Angular JS are:

  • It allows us to create a single page application in the most suitable way.
  • It gives user rich and responsive experience as it provides data binding capability to HTML.
  • The code of Angular JS is unit testable.
  • It provides reusable components.
  • With AngularJS, developers can achieve more functionality within the small amount of code.
  • Views are the pure HTML pages whereas controllers written in Javascript do the business processing.

Disadvantages of Angular JS

  • Security:
    Being a javascript only framework, applications created by AngularJS are not safe because authentication and authorization are must to keep an application secure.
  • Non-degradable:
    In case the user of the application disables javascript, except the basic page, nothing will be visible.

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