Reasons For Choosing Neo4j

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Apr 19, 2019

Tech giants such as Google, Paypal, and many others have tapped into the power of graph databases for building booming businesses. The main purpose of the graph database is to handle the highly connected data for the smooth growth of the business. Through this write-up, you will come to know, why one should go with Neo4j in dealing with the connections of data. So, without any further ado let’s come together to have a discussion about this leading-edge technology.


There are various benefits of Neo4j which are mentioned below:

Connecting Everyone To Graphs

According to the inventors of the property graph, Neo4j is the most dominant mover as far as the graph market is concerned. Every company wants to bring a graph technology into the mainstream by connecting the community, partners and customers and even the competitors because they deal with the best ever practices.

Most Active Graph Community

Neo4j offers the largest community of graph databases, here are some points which are enough to prove it to be the most vibrant one among all its arch rivals.

•    3,000,000+ downloads.

•    Around 50,000+ graph education registrants.

•    Approximately 50,000 meet up members.

•    More than 100 technology and services partners.

•    250+ enterprise subscription customers.

Read and Write Scalability

Neo4j is famous for its lightning fast reading or writing ability while protecting your data integrity too. It is the only enterprise strength graph database which allows the combining of native graph storage and scalable architecture for the speed and ACID (Atomicity, Continuity, Isolation, Durability) compliance.

Easy To Learn

•    Mature user interface with intuitive interaction.

•    Time testing training ecosystem.

•    Built-in Learning.


Since it has been hardened through years of production and rigorous testing, it is the most trustable entity to go with. Even you can engage yourself with the graph experts providing you the world-class support, at a suitable condition for your organization. It is the most preferred graph database suggested by the key analysts.

Load the data with ease

•    The staggering loading speed of huge data.

•    Low memory footprints.

•    You can choose the data to import, regardless of the volume of the data.

Simplified Development cycle

•    Able to make the changes as per the business requirements.

•    The logical model is the physical model.

•    It reduces the time-to-production by closing the gap between IT and business.

Best for Enterprise and Start-up projects

Because of the production environment and increased efficiency, most of the customers of Neo4j have found their cost of ownership decreased. With the help of this amazing technology, you can choose the license with respect to the bundle that you need. Being a supportive technology, it offers clustering and data replication capability for the welfare of the organization.

In the above section, we have seen many factors which prove Neo4j as the best option for the graph database. There are numbers of reasons which have not been covered in the blog. If you want to learn more about Neo4j, you may reach out to us at [email protected] We are round the clock available and will be extremely happy in making your doubts crystal clear. Feel free to connect with us via the comment box mentioned below.

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