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Jun 02, 2019

Released by Google, Flutter is a revolutionary project from the search engine giant. It plays an important role in assisting in making cross-platform apps. Via this write-up, we will make you aware of the best features of Flutter which prove it to be the most important version of the UI framework. Let’s move to the features of this thriving technology.


There are various features of Flutter which are as follows:

Open source

Being an open source system, it is user-friendly and can be easily accessible for the owners. It plays a vital role in elevating your business to an amazing extent. This leading-edge technology not only offers you a diverse scope for design but also provides you several options for the welfare of your service.

Amazing widgets

The thing that separates it from other entities is that you would have a  wide range of widgets beautifully cataloged for you. It makes the app hassle-free with many amazing options. Even you can use Dart to write your flutter app which can be easily compiled to a native application.


You can keep on adding or eliminating the edits at the time of developing the apps. As far as variables types and functions definition is concerned, an android studio and visual studio make up the code for the better and smarter completions. It enables you to pull or push from any service.

iOs and Android

Flutter can measure the cross-platform application that not only saves you from the trouble of drastic shift but also offers you an easy to use the app with highly secured and defensive patents. Hence, a single codebase makes it extremely easy to operate in both iOS and Android.

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Dart, similar to Java?

Dart is not the same as Java but has come up with almost similar features this veteran entity of development (Java). It allows the developers to take the shift easily and smoothly. Various platforms enable us to deal with the development of applications but flutter is the best option as it allows us to make the use of great editorial integration and easy to use features which makes the kit the best option for developing the apps.

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Other Features

Apart from these special features, Flutter can also be designed for accessing native features and SDKs. It allows the user to have better experience via the native codes and third-party integration. Even the kit invites users to explore the SDKs and native users. Being a technology with such out of the box specialties, it has been preferred as the best option for the enterprises and the owners out there in the market of such a neck-level competition.

In the above context, we have looked over at various features of Flutter. It is not the end of its specialties. Being a technology with a massive user base, it includes countless benefits which are not possible to describe in one go. If you are anxious to know all the special features, you may reach out to us at [email protected]. We are 24/7 available and we would be extremely happy to serve you in dealing with all your technical challenges. Feel free to connect with us via the mail mentioned above.

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