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Feb 04, 2019

For any type of e-commerce development, the most prioritized entity that comes in mind is Magento. Because of its exciting features and advanced functionalities it has helped many online stores in achieving the peak of triumph. But features and functionalities alone are not enough to select the most suitable and quality feature Magento theme. In this article, we are going to discuss certain reasons that can help you in getting the answer of   “how to choose Magento themes”, let’s get started.

Some factors that can be so helpful for answering the question “how to choose Magento theme ?”

User-Friendly Layout

It is not enough to have a good looking Magento store but the store should be user-friendly as well. Visitors always avoid those types of websites which are hard to access and take too much time to load. So, one should be well aware of certain points while selecting the suitable theme for our online stores.

There may be various factors based on which one can select the suitable Magento theme for the e-commerce business.

  • Easy to navigate.
  • Simple back to top button.
  • Search bar and shopping icons must be at the traditional place.

Magento provides you all such features readily available and one can easily have all the benefits at the same place by delivering the wonderful experience which encourages the user to stay at your online store for a longer duration. 

Perfect Layout And Templates

As per the requirements of the business, one needs to select the most suitable theme and layout whether it is of standard one or some kind of fashionable theme. For instance, if you are targeting some kind of technology stuff then you need to go with a standard layout. While on the other hand, if you are looking for a footwear store, you could opt for a more glamorous theme that will look so attractive in showing the products of your store.

Positions Of Promotions And Banners

A theme for a particular store without any banner or a promotion block is never said to be complete. One needs to ensure the appropriate placement of the banners as well as the position of the slider. A rotating banner or slider bar is found to be ideal for the better user experience as they contribute more towards the success of the websites.

Customisation Of Theme

Flexibility and the customization of the website is the most important factor for the better outcomes of the business. One need to make sure that website should have all the latest trending features that are going on with the facility of easy customization as well.

Compatibility Across The Browser

Our theme should be compatible with all existing browser as users may use different browsers at different times. Regardless of the browser used, a theme should deliver all the facilities and quality features without any interruption or unstructured alignment.


Another solid part that gives the answer about ” how to choose Magento themes” is responsive. At present, responsive is not an option but a must feature to keep up with modern days competitive market. The theme that one can choose should be easily accessible for all mobiles or tablets as more than 50% of the population is dependent on the smart mobile devices to make their purchase.

SEO Friendly

The theme that has been chosen should have SEO friendly nature with perfect HTML code that can be a beneficial point for the bots to index the website in an easy manner. Magento comes in with such best feature of search engine friendly environment. Websites with such type of features always have a chance of getting the best possible ranked as early as possible because of perfect coding styles of CSS or HTML.

Speed Of The Theme

The Speed of the theme is something that should be managed with high priority and currently, it is an important aspect that the search engine has chosen to de-rank the websites. Ensure that the theme you are selecting should not comprise of inappropriate high graphical features. It may result in too long loading time or may affect the speed of the website in other aspects.

In-Built Blog

A blog has become an important factor as it plays an important role as far as the ranking of the particular website is concerned. For every website, blog posts need to be posted frequently as they help in getting our websites better rankings. But Magento comes up with a vital solution as it delivers the built-in option for the blog and frequently delivers the fresh content for posting the same on our website.

We have discussed many factors that can be the vital points for selecting the Magento theme. Hopefully, this article can bring you the solution of your question “how to choose Magento theme “. Make your website stand out by choosing the best quality Magento themes. We at Ahom Technologies has a professional team of Magento designers that can customise your Magento store theme with custom Magento module development services. Get in touch with us at [email protected] if you are looking for such services. We will be more than happy in serving you about all your problems.

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