How To Choose WordPress Theme

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Feb 04, 2019

WordPress contains several themes with tons of customisation options. If not coded exactly, these options can make it difficult to update or change the theme or use other WordPress plug-ins. In such a case, you will be locked into that theme and need to pay a developer to help you switch for the change or update. On the other hand, some WordPress theme looks really great but can make your website really slow. No one favours slow website particularly Google as far as the ranking of the same is concerned. To get rid of such conditions, we are going to discuss various factors that will help you in “how to choose WordPress theme”.

Strive For Simplicity

There are several WordPress theme comes up with lot many colours, complex layout, and flashy animations etc. Always look for a theme that consists of those design layouts that suits or support you the most without compromising on usability and simplicity. If a theme looks great but does not help you in achieving the new business or subscribers then the theme is not said to be perfect to go with. So make sure, your users should be able to find their way around the website smoothly without any complexity or interruption.

Responsive is must

Responsiveness of the website is the must part of how to choose WordPress theme. The mobile-friendly website plays a vital role as far as the traffic level of the particular site is concerned. With the help of responsive websites, we can get a significant number of web traffic from mobile and other handheld devices and this number could go even higher as per the popularity of the site. Most of the websites are by default responsive but there are still several sellers who are selling fixed with layouts that are not responsive at all. Google shows mobile-friendly websites at the top of the rankings in their mobile search results, so make sure that the theme you are selecting for your website should be mobile friendly.

Browser Compatibility

Inching towards the browser compatibility, your theme may look best and extensive on the particular browser you use, but it is not necessary that it will work in the same way for all the existing browsers. There might be something unstructured or broken when the same website will go through the browser compatibility testing. So, make sure that the website should be able to run on all the browsers as it may help in best user experience and due to different types of browsers it may lead to having more traffic as well.

Supported Plug-ins

WordPress Plug-in is the real power of WordPress. With the help of such plug-ins, one can be able to arrange or mold the site as per the required conditions. There are several types of plugins such as Gravity forms, Yoast SEO, W3 total cache etc. These Plugins provide the best features and support to the website for the welfare of the particular business which makes them a must aspect to go with.

Page Builders

Another solid part of how to choose WordPress theme is the page builder where One can easily create a page layout using drag and drop interface with the help of this WordPress Plugin. These page builders are used to create a landing page that can produce a lot of unwanted code. So, in case if you ever switch a theme, such type of pages require a lot of cleaning process to clear the unwanted code. One should go with the themes which are shipping with one of the most used page builder plugins, even these page builders are readily available and can be purchased separately to use with other themes as well.

SEO friendliness

WordPress theme plays a vital role in our site’s friendliness. A good looking theme is not everything that a website basic need require, even a best-designed website may have poorly coded HTML that is not a good sign for our website because Google crawlers or spiders may face several problems while analyzing the site with poor code. It could be difficult for the beginners to analyze the theme source code on their own. One can easily look to see if the page generates proper HTML5 by checking it with W3C markup validation service. However, this markup validation service generates many warnings which are nothing to be worried about.

Ratings and Reviews

Another solid indicator of WordPress best quality is its ratings and reviews given by their users. For free versions of WordPress themes, one can easily find the rating section just below the download button where we can have a number of reviews and stars given by the users. Based on the number of stars and ratings, one can easily come to know about the qualities and features of the particular plugin.

There are several numbers of WordPress plugins exist with their pros and cons based on different situations or requirements of the projects. We have discussed the factors of how to choose WordPress theme. If you are still left with any concern about the plus points of WordPress theme, you can reach out to us at [email protected]. We are round the clock available and will be more than happy to serve you for all your problems and queries.

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