How to hire a Magento Developer

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Feb 15, 2019

Magento is a versatile platform that allows us to develop the website or to add new features to an existing one. In case if you are not much familiar with coding, you need to adopt the different strategy either the hiring of freelance Magento developer or to have a specialised professional with extensive knowledge about how it works. It is always a good idea to hire a reliable WordPress developer or a Magento one for customising or tweaking other tasks that include coding. In this article, we are going to discuss the points to hire a Magento Developer for our business, let’s get started.

Requirements to hire a Magento Developer

For hiring an excellent Magento freelancer, one needs to go through all the requirements means you need to have a clear idea about your project or the work along with the necessary skills required to complete this project. There are various points that one needs to have knowledge about while hiring a Magento developer which are as follows:

  • Looking for basic theme configuration or configuration of a new plugin?
  • Tweaking a theme or plugin that can suit the needs of your business?
  • Is there any requirement to create a custom theme or a plugin from a scratch?
  • Is there any requirement about the specific piece of functionality for the website?
  • Are you targeting to integrate your software or application with the WordPress API?

Dedicated or Part Time

Nothing is more than important to examine the needs of the project and decide whether you want the developers on a permanent basis or a contractual basis. For example a full-time developer, dedicated or the part-time with the fact in mind that the contract one as if you need them again, you might have to hire him or her again after the specific duration that may vary according to the needs of the business or the project.

Skills to look for

Based on the requirements, there are various skills that one should look while hiring a developer for Magento. Once you are done with their portfolio ensuring that they have required knowledge and experience according to the business when it comes to the turn to examine the skills in the following area:


 Surely anyone can go through the courses and become a certified developer but being a certified developer is not something that business owners look for. However, being an innovative and creative developer is what sorts the best from the rest of the certified developers in the market. Innovativeness in this field is a crucial requirement to go with. Hence, one can never afford to have the same website design and the functionality as the other online stores.


Professionalism is not only must for the Magento developers but it is the type of that factor which plays a vital role no matter on what technology you are hiring for your company. Even though it applies to almost every possible occupation, a developer with a professional attitude not only reflects on your website but also signifies the reputation of the company. Hence, professionalism is the must needed factor for the business.

Quality of Work

The qualifying candidates may be highly qualified but may not necessarily mean that they would be best in terms of their work quality. An interviewer should have to ensure that the work they produce so far has been up to the mark, or if they will be able to manage the requirements of the job.


We should always prefer those who would serve you round the clock availability for your project ensuring that they would be available whenever you need them. Most of the time contractual and the freelance developers work on two or three projects at a time that may lead to having crashed and might hamper your work.


While hiring a Magento developer one needs to ensure that the developer should be a specialist in his area of interest as every developer has their speciality and aspects of their jobs. So, one should get to know your candidates and figure out how you would use their specialitiy in your project.

Based on the above paragraph you have been armed with proper knowledge on how to hire a Magento developer. As we have discussed several points based on which you can be able to select the best fit for your business or the project. If you are still struggling to get the best way to hire a Magento developer for your business, you may reach out to us at [email protected]. We are always ready to get your work done in a best possible way for any further query, just us the comment section below and w will get back to you within no time.

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