Importance Of Hardware Security Module

Importance of hardware security module-ahomtech.com
Nov 15, 2019

Have you ever heard about HSM? Probably a strange entity for you. Simply, a piece of hardware that enables us to perform cryptographic operations in a secured manner. You may have numerous questions in your mind concerning this thriving technology but the write-up will help you in dealing with all your pain points and other queries.


Firstly, let’s shed up light on the introductory part of HSM.

HSM stands for a hardware security module that keeps the cryptographic key in a safe place and provides a strong shield to resist several attacks. Moreover, it usually brings crypto processing and cryptographic operations along with random number generation. In simple words, we can understand it as an electronic card connected to a mainboard enclosed by a box. The module has been considered as the safest entity which enables us to build specialized hardware after the certification from the approved library.

Why HSM is the best

HSM is a one-stop solution for countless issues since HSM is good at various aspects which are as follows:

  • Storing cryptographic secrets, symmetric keys, asymmetric private keys, and certificates.
  • It helps us in generating cryptographic secrets.
  • It provides a secured hash function.
  • We can leverage the presence of secure random number generation.
  • In the case of tampering events, it helps us in preventing tampering attempts.
  • Prevent access to memory.
  • Resist to side-channel attacks and fuzzing.
  • Best in managing the key import/ export.

When it comes to cryptography, HSMs are the most trusted companions. Rather than preferring to operating systems such as Windows, Linux, we can easily trust on these modules since they have been specially designed for the same.

Vitality of HSM

To avail the facility, the first thing that tickles our mind is the investment. However, HSM is a pretty expensive option to go with and even the cheaper devices may act as HSM then why we should prefer the expensive one? Let’s try to find a feasible answer to the above-mentioned issue.

Secure Execution Environment

One of the vital most features of HSM is the generation of store keys that manage the execution of cryptographic operations. These modules provide maximum protection against malware and other logical attacks since the keys for cryptographic operations never leave the HSM.

Physical access protection

No doubt, conventional IT systems can also be used to avoid external attacks but no one recommends them. HSM includes an array of protective mechanisms such as physical tampering, drill protection foil, and voltage sensors. If someone tries to open the HSM via drilling or eroding layers, it leads to triggering of the alarm. Hence, it is exactly right to prefer HSM for security purposes.

Secured Management of Key Materials

It stores and generates the keys to executing cryptographic operations. Moreover, the best part of the same is the inclusion of such vital processes that can be executed within the secured environment of the HSM.

In the above write-up, we have discussed the HSM (Hardware Security Module). It is a great option to secure our business from malware and other cyber-attacks. If you are keen to get aware of this technology in detail, you may reach out to us at [email protected]. We are always there to help you in dealing with all your technical challenges. Feel free to connect with us via the mail mentioned above. We would be extremely happy to get words from your side.

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