International Mother Language Day

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Feb 22, 2019

We are well aware of the fact that culture and linguistic diversity are the pillars of the sustainable future. According to the data of UNESCO, almost 45 percent of the people do not get the education in their mother tongue. Language is a vehicle that carries culture across the generations as they are an integral part of one’s identity. Yesterday i.e. 21st February was the nineteenth international mother language day. Go through this article if you are looking to know more about international mother, let’s get started.

The idea behind the celebration of international mother language day was mooted by Bangladesh in 1999. UNESCO assembly passed the initiative for the same on 21st of February to honor various types of mother languages. It has been celebrated since 21st February of 2000 to promote the linguistic diversity and multilingual education.


  • Indigenous knowledge has somewhat unique world views and the look in its relationship with nature.
  • Reconciliation and peacebuilding.
  • Freedom for indigenous ones.
  • Multilingual society contains different types of and cultural values and world views.

India and Indigenous languages

  • According to schedule 8 of the constitution, it authorizes approx 22 languages as official languages of India.
  • With reference to an article of 350A, it facilitates for the instruction in mother languages for primary education.
  • Article 30 says that the religious and all the linguistic minorities have the right to administer and establish an educational institution.

Endangered languages 

  • It has been said by UNESCO that almost 42 languages are in their critically endangered language list.
  • Less than 10,000 people spoke all such languages.
  • All these languages usually belong to (PVTGs) i.e. (particularly vulnerable tribal groups). The reason to declare them as endangered languages is because of their isolation and the less number of speakers.
  • For example, some of the PVGTs are Jawara, Onge, Shompen, Sentilese, Pu, Birhor of Jharkhand and Toda od Tamil Nadu.

Internet And The Languages

  • In India, cyberspace has information symmetry as content availability is mostly in English.
  • An initiative of Google’s GLOW is a key driver for the promotion and creation of local language.
  • In recent times, Facebook has launched a digital literacy library in six languages of India origin. Those six languages are Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and the Telegu.
  • India is a major example of data users and content of local languages that would give the digital economy a boost to constrain internet to English speaking elites.

The international mother language day celebration explored the use of quality of different language education to achieve a sustainable future with participation and the action in society. We just need to give access to new knowledge and the cultural expressions which lead to contribute to have strong global citizenship.

In this article, we have discussed about mother language day i.e 21st of February, importance of the languages. Nowadays, due to globalization, languages are increasingly threat or disappearing all together. We need to take few appropriate and effective initiates that can save the endangered languages to become extinct.

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