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At present, one of the most popular technology is JAVA 2 ENTERPRISE EDITION PLATFORM developed by Sun, later owned by Oracle Inc. We are one of the leading J2EE development company in India.

About J2EE Development

J2EE development is one of the best technologies based on the Java programming language to develop a secure and fast web application. It is a set of specifications, patterns, and practices that define a multi-tiered application, development, and management for a Java programming language. This platform consists of a set of services, APIs and protocols that results in providing the functionality for developing multi-tiered, web-based applications.

Some of the key features of J2EE are as follows:

  • J2EE development supports pure HTML, Java applets or other applications. It depends on servlet code and java server pages to design HTML or other required format data.
  • Platform logic got stored in a layer provided by Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs).
  • EJB server provides different services such as threading, concurrency, security and memory management.

We Provide

  • Design and architecture

We have experienced experts for java design and architecture that includes SOA (Service-oriented architecture), micro-services and performing model-driven engineering.

  • Integration

As far as integration services are concerned we provide flexible solutions and services for custom API integration, database connectivity development, custom middleware development and frameworks for better integration services.

  • Migration services

We have proven track record for java migration services as we provide support to migrate legacy technology framework to a more adaptive and versatile Java platform for better management and efficiency.

  • Maintenance and support

Inching towards the maintenance aspect, we deliver efficient java application maintenance and support services that enable us to achieve business goals provided by the client.

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