Joomla vs October

Dec 27, 2018

For the rapid improvement of business, CMS plays a vital role in providing an attractive look with many advanced features. For delivering such features we have two of the famous names Joomla and CMS.

Let’s have some elaboration for both the CMS:

Joomla vs October-ahomtech


Joomla is a mobile ready and user-friendly powerful web server application that requires a server with either PHP, MySQL or SQL to make it possible to run. On the other hand, talking about October CMS the best quality, free, open-source modular CMS, web platform written in PHP. The main purpose of the same is to make your development workflow as simple as possible.

Ease of building

Nowadays, building a website for our business just with the help of a developer is not a simple task to achieve. As both the systems are fairly rich in predefined plug-ins and themes, so it is not necessary to have a developer for every type of task. Instead, we can use ready-made themes that can be managed easily not only in case of October but also in case of other platforms.


Reasons because of which developers choose Joomla:

  • Powerful extension architecture.
  • Mid-Hight End level CMS.
  • Powerful CMS.
  • Highly customizable.
  • A vast repository of free and paid extensions.
  • Extensions & Templates.

Why one need to prefer October CMS:

  • Highly customizable.
  • Open-source, decent documentation.
  • Laravel based.
  • Easy to use.
  • Perfect frontend developer tool.


Coming to the pricing factor Joomla cost approx $200 to $500 for a yearly registration. Website cost also depends on many other factors that may include a number of pages of the website, the type of content or the complexity. Basically, we have to pay a website designer based on the duration of work or for the whole job done. Whereas for October, it is free open source platform but you need to pay the price accordingly if you are going with premium plug-ins or themes.

On comparing both the content management system, we come to know that every particular entity of the system contains some specific pros and cons in achieving the target with the best outcomes and efficiency. It is not possible to give preference for a particular system to a done task, instead, we should go with a suitable one according to the problem or the requirement because every system alone is not capable in delivering all the types of solution for any website.



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