Machine Learning Trends 2019

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Feb 12, 2019

There’s never been such an exciting era for machine learning and artificial intelligence and 2019 is boding well for the lineup applications these technologies are offering. Machine learning not only favours efficient business processes but also enhanced overall business results. In this article, we are going to lighten up a few popular machine learning trends 2019, let’s get started.

Double-digit market growth

Adoption of artificial intelligence, deep learning, robotic process automation, and other advantageous technologies allow us to keep up with the requirements of modern day technology and will continue at a robust clip over the next several years. Artificial intelligence has broadened up and expected to exceed more than $191 billion by 2025. This indicates a rapid development cycle for the companies that are developing applications with such technology.

Integration with data science

Machine learning, as well as artificial intelligence, is becoming synonymous with data science and analytics. According to the requirements, the term AI and machine learning were included in the job descriptions for about 75% of data scientist jobs. So, it is not wrong to say that machine learning will continue to play more integrated roles in jobs that leverage the data for insights and the analysis.

Interest will grow with the business and the consumers

Business owners believe that machine learning provides business with many advantages and top performing companies are twice as likely to harness this technology in their marketing and other activities. With the help of this advanced technology, one can build better products and can have more effective businesses. But consumers will be the ultimate beneficiaries of machine learning and artificial intelligence. The PWC study has recently reported that consumers have an increasingly positive outlook on artificial intelligence. They believe that this technology will help them in providing with major solutions even about cybersecurity, privacy, global health, well being and can also help in solving complex problems that plague our society.

High Impact on AI jobs

With the increased requirement of this technology, demand for workers with artificial intelligence has more than doubled over the past 4 years. Year over year the pace in volume of artificial intelligence has been increasing and according to the reports job for artificial intelligence have increased up to 31.6 percent last year compared to just 20.1 percent the year before.

In the medical field

As far as the medical field is concerned, health care companies are leading users of machine learning and this trend will continue to be the leading one even in coming years. Based on the recorded data it is expected that the artificial intelligence health care market will surely hit $6.6 billion by 2021.


The adoption of artificial intelligence has spurred a boom in startups. There are several fields in cybersecurity where machine learning plays a vital role. Cyber AI provides the helping hand for the security experts where one can easily sort out the problems to identify aberrations, risks, and signals of future threats.

Automated machine learning

One trend that’s going to accelerate the phase of machine learning based solutions is termed as Auto ML. This will empower the developers to evolve the machine learning models that can address confusing scenarios without going through the critical process of training of machine learning models. With this amazing feature, we can save our time of training the machines as they can train themselves all alone where no human resource will be required.

Robotic Process Automation

Presently, intelligent drones and robots are dominating the technological revolution space. The trends for such intelligent machines named as robots can make the task much easier than ever before. Though there is an increasing concern that robots may replace the human resource to accomplish the various tasks which can be a favored factor up to some extent but may turn into the worst situation if robots would be more intelligent than required.

Transparency in decision making

There are various fields where machine learning has been frequently required such as in retail, healthcare, medicine, and logistics. Machine learning technology brings transparency in decision making where several laws, rules, and regulations come into the picture.

There are countless new and existing trends of machine learning that will lead the world in 2019. The exponential improvement of machine learning will open up the avenues for various other technologies that include internet of things, NLP and self-teaching artificial intelligence to lead a change in favor of business industry with our daily life problems. The changes brought up by this amazing technology will lead to having unbelievable outcomes that will surely redefine the way of living in the future. With such benefits of machine learning, it may have a critical disadvantage too if dominated by wrong hands or minds it may result for a serious threat to the security.

We have discussed a number of machine learning trends 2019 if you are still left with any concern about the trends of 2019. You may reach out to us at [email protected], we are round the clock available with all the clarification of your doubts and the queries.

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