Magento vs Prestashop

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Oct 31, 2018

In today’s era of technology, two of the most famous names are MAGENTO and PRESTASHOP. Magento contains 15 versions whereas PrestaShop contains only 7 versions with 25000 plugins and extensions that is a big number when compared to Magento. It only contains 1500 plugins and extensions. When it comes to deal with customizing ability and installation, PrestaShop is much easier as compared to that of Magento. Let us have an overview of the Magento vs Prestashop scenario.


Both Magento and PrestaShop are an open-source program, and they can be tailored in various methods. Prestashop makes our website administration simple with over 1 lakh online shops. On the other hand, Magento provides a vast range of functions, devices, and modifications. As far as the search engine optimization is concerned, Magento offers way better service compared to another purchasing cart on the marketplace with perfect targeted promo and retailing services. Presently, Magento is one of the most popular names in the world of CMS that has come up with several leading features that are capable enough to shape our business for a better future.


The investing amount is the most essential aspect to elevate any business out there. Prestashop is an open-source platform that can be downloaded easily from the internet free of cost. If we want to use some advanced features then we can easily acquire the paid modules available in the store. On the other hand, Magento comes up with two versions a free one and an enterprise version. The free version includes all the necessary features which are capable enough to successfully set up and run a business. The interested users can easily switch to advanced features that will surely help you in making your business a reputed tech giant.


Based on the framework, PrestaShop is relatively easy to set up. It consists of the user-friendly interface with several adopted smarty template engine based on PHP. Whereas the same is not possible for its rival Magento, it demands several extensions for being set up like PDO, CURL, etc. It adopts the Zend framework of PHP with all the capabilities of MVC architecture.

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