Technology plays a vital role in our life in reducing our efforts with better outcomes within the limited time duration. As a part, web development is a vast aspect of modern day technology that is broadening at a rapid scale and provides better solutions for the development of our business. Web development includes a lot of technologies and one of the best that has been a popular entity in recent times is Node.js Development.



Node.js is an open source, a cross-platform runtime environment for JavaScript, introduced in 2009 and plays a significant role in web development. Being an interface to V8 JavaScript runtime it provides event-driven programming for the web servers by the help of super-fast JavaScript interpreter that runs in the Chrome browser. 46000+ stars on GitHub alone are capable enough to indicate the popularity of Node.js. Built on top of the Google Chrome V8 JavaScript engine, mainly used to create web servers and also delivers many more extensive facilities.

Extensive Features

  • Fast suite:

One of the main aspects that make Node.js better than others is its superlative speed. JavaScript code running on Node.js is far way better and faster as compared to that of other compiled languages such as C or Java. As far as the order of magnitude is concerned, node.js is the best of all languages like Python or Ruby, due to the presence of its non-blocking paradigm.

  • JavaScript:

Node.js provides an extensive facility of running the JavaScript code. It means that all the front-end, as well as server-side developers who are using JavaScript, can be able to run the code using the same programming language without any need to learn the different tool.

  • V8:

An open source technology runs on the Google V8 JavaScript engine that makes Node.js capable enough to leverage the work of all the engineers and make the Chrome JavaScript runtime blazing fast.


  • Real-Time Web Apps:

Node.js provides us the facility of building real-time web applications at a blazing speed just at the same time as it is required to make a simple blog in PHP. It is the most suitable tool and can be a clear winner in multi-user real-time web applications such as in games and chat apps.

  • Ease of Coding:

Node.js provides the facility to write JavaScript for both the server and the client that makes it convenient to transport the data between both of these to coordinate the work simultaneously. Node.js fulfill all the requirements of the development process and renders fast scalable network applications.

  • Dynamic NPM:

Being an open-source technology, node.js provides an edge with a shared repository of dynamic tools and modules. Node Package Manager (NPM) includes more than 60000 modules that have risen with the significant growth and at present, it is on the verge of beating the RoR (Ruby on Rails) platform. NPM is robust and rapid in nature and helps in making the dependency management perfect. With the increasing growth and wide popularity of Node.js, the node community is getting stronger day by day when compared with other technologies.

  • Hosting Deal:

As a number of developers are shifting towards Node.js, with such a significant number of developers hosting is also gaining momentum. Keeping this in mind, PaaS (platform as a service) service providers such as Modulus and Heroku are allowing deployment without any trouble.

Node.js should be the first choice as it contains all the required features that one wants for delivering the product with excellent performance. The framework is also useful in creating APIs and managing I/O based requests. Node.js can be the key to the door of development success as it reduces the page load almost by half, retain employees for a longer time of duration and helps in keeping both the developers and the customers happy because it delivers better outcomes in return to that of fewer efforts. With the progress of time, the maximum of the business organisations has adopted Node.js and gain momentum towards the peak of triumph. If you have any requirement or query related to Node.js then there is no need to worry about because we at Ahom Technologies Private Limited have an experienced team of Node.js Development and deliver the best product with the efficiency within the deadline provided by the client.

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