ALLOY NETWORKS has been a broad name in Datacenter solutions since last 3 decades. A section of Titanium OU that has domain expertise in multiple industries provides a great range of hosting solutions and of extensive automation tools help them in making services highly secured and available.



Security is one of the most important for any of the existing business. Alloy Networks delivers an isolated environment so that every hosted application runs in secured domain, it also comes up with a usage of firewall that protects each and every instance for the availability of advanced hosting.


Alloy puts the business remains far away from any type of malicious attack and avoids the condition for distributed denial of service (DDoS). As network infrastructure of is always protected against DDoS means business will never be affected by such a DOS attacks.


As far as infrastructure is concerned our esteemed partner provide powerful virtual machines based on KVM technology, with up to 32 GB RAM, 8 CPU cores and a high disk space ranging from 200 GB to 1 TB.


Alloy networks provide a matchless dedicated server that suits every business needs, not only a managed or dedicated server but they also give a high priority to all the updates or basic installations.

Being a web development company, reliability, uptime security are crucial to us. We are working in with Alloy networks for the aforementioned purpose. The results have always been on the positive side.

Ahom Technologies is a premier development partner to Alloy Networks, Estonia. Alloy Networks is part of Titanium OU, a company registered and operating in Estonia and the European Union.

As part of this partnership, we work closely with them to develop mission-critical solutions for international clients. Our work is covered by complete confidentiality and security.

Together, our custom solutions always include the entire stack – from development, testing, maintenance and hosting in a highly secure environment in the European Union.

We are proud to announce that Alloy Networks is part of the recommended UNL for the XRP Ledger. This cements their position as highly available and secure infrastructure providers.

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