Web server is a type of program that uses Hyper text transfer protocol shortly termed as  HTTP. It serves files to the users as a response to their requests.

Normally, these are the computers that have been set up by the hosting company usually in a facility termed as Datacenter. The sole purpose of the web server and application is to store the web sites until someone wants to reach them for a quick response to the visitor’s browser with the content of the site.

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About Web Server

Generally, many people think that web servers would be some high powered computers and that is correct to some extent because such high powered computers are termed as web servers, but these computers actually build with the purpose of web hosting. Normally, web server means the piece of software that can be downloaded on the computer system

How it works

A page on the internet can be easily viewed when a browser requests it from the web server and the web server responds based on the request.

It consists of 4 steps which are as follows:

  • Obtain the IP address from the domain name

Web browser first obtains the IP address and the domain name, one can obtain the IP address by searching in its cache or by requesting one or more DNS.

  • A browser requests the full URL

After getting the IP address browser now requires a full URL from the web server.

  • The web server responds to the request

The web server responds to the browser by sending the required pages, in case the desired pages do not exist, it will send the respective error message.

For Example:

(Error 404) a message will be shown while trying to open the webpage that does not exist.

Another common message is Error 404, It occurs when access is denied because of incorrect credentials like username or the password.

  • The browser displays the web page

Finally, the browser either displays the web page or displays the error message based on the above-mentioned cases.

Popular Web Servers

  • Apache HTTP server

It is one of the most popular servers available and is widely used across the globe, developed and maintained by Apache Software Foundations. Apache license makes it free and open source to use which is available for a variety of operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS X, Unix, Linux, Solaris, Novell Netware, and FreeBSD.

  • Microsoft Internet information service

Microsoft IIS is also a popular web server and it’s market share is increasing at a rapid pace with each passing day and is likely to overhaul Apache in the coming future.

IIS server is not an open source but contains all the features as same as that of Apache, developed and maintained by Microsoft and works perfectly with all the windows operating system platforms.

A web server can be used by the web hosting provider or by an individual. In the case of an individual, he will be locally hosting the website only on his own system. Whereas on the other hand, when hosting provider companies host them, the website can be viewed by anyone across the globe. One can also host his website publicly with his web server but for the same one need to have leased line internet connection and a DNS server connection with the domain of the website.

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