Why does your brand needs SEO

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Feb 18, 2019

There are countless online businesses exists around the world and the most vital aspect that they must require is the need for SEO for their brand. In this article, we will point out several reasons that show how important SEO is for our website, or why there is a need for SEO for taking the brand to the next level?

Below mentioned points will show the need for SEO for any brand.

Organic Search

Organic search is an important part of a business’s website performance with a critical component of the buyer funnel and ultimately having the users to complete the conversion or engagement. As all the marketers know, Google owns a larger portion of the search as compared to other competitors such as Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, and many others. However, the giant Google owns about 3/4th of the overall search market. It is a clear cut leader and its guidelines are so important for the welfare of our brand as far as the SEO activities are concerned.

SEO builds trust and capabilities

The target of an experienced SEO is to have a strong foundation for a beautiful website with the help of clean and effective user experience. The website should be easily discoverable in search with thanks to the credibility of the brands and their existing digital properties.

There are different aspects that may lead to having great SEO capability:

  • Quality backlink profiles.
  • Positive user behavior.
  • Machine learning signals.
  • Optimization on page elements and the content.

Establishing a brand as the best among all the competitors requires patience, effort, and commitment with offerings of high value, quality product or the service that enables customers to have trust in that particular brand.

Better User Experience

As far as the SEO capability is concerned everyone wants better organic rankings with maximum visibility but only a few of them realize that user experience is also a vital part of getting here. All the customers know what they want and if they can’t find the same there going to be a critical issue which may result in the suffering of the performance of the SEO rank and the traffic of the site. Hence, the quality SEO incorporates a positive user experience leveraging it to have some work in favor of that particular brand.

Local SEO enhance traffic and conversions

Local search has become an important part of the success of any business no matter what size the business is, either of small scale or the medium. Local SEO aims for optimizing the digital properties for special vicinity so that the people can find you easily, within a small interval. Basically, it focuses on specific towns, cities, region or even states to build a viable medium for the brand’s message on a local level. One should optimize the bands’ knowledge graph panel, my business listings of Google with social media profile for the better promotion of engagement on the local level. There should be a strong emphasis on user reviews of Google with other review sites such as Home Advisor, Yelp and others depending on the industry.

Always being updated

One of the great things is to have SEO tactics implemented on a brand website across its digital properties but if the site is not re-evaluated consistently within the short time engagement. The same will reach the threshold where it can no longer have any improvement due to other hindrances. We are all known about the fact of changes in the algorithm by Google, keeping this in mind if once falling too far behind, it will be so difficult for the one to come back after such a loss.

Helps in understanding the environment of the Web

It is a great challenge to being on top of this always changing environment that is the World Wide Web. But staying somewhere near the topmost entities includes being in the loop for the major changes. The environment of the web may include those tactics which can be used by other local companies, other competitors and comparable businesses will always remain beneficial for those brands.

Relatively Cheaper

In the grand scheme of things, SEO is relatively cheap and the payoffs would most likely to be in terms of brand’s benefits and bottom line. Basically, this is not a marketing cost but a true business investment. The quality SEO implementation is not a matter of countable days but holds water for years to come. And it will likely to have the best results if deals seriously with more attention and investment.

Being On Page 1

In the world of SEO, if you are not on page 1, you are likely not killing the organic search game. According to the recent study it has been found that nearly 40 percent of clicks come from the first three pages while up to 30 percent of the same comes from the first and second page of the search engine. It means

  • You need to be on the very first page if you are not.
  • There are still several instances where a user types a search query of his/her interest and can’t find exactly that for what he/she is looking for.

Implementing quality SEO for the brand’s website and digital properties is going to be a plus point for that brand and its marketing efforts. It is considered as the “new age” technique for the marketing purpose. But not an easy task to deal with because of such rapidly growing rivaling competition, we have discussed several reasons that show the need for SEO.

 If you are still left with any doubt about the need for SEO, you may reach out to us at [email protected]. We are round the clock available to deal with all your technical challenges. We will be more than happy to make your doubts and the problems crystal clear.

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