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Feb 18, 2019

A product based business always looks to sell the products online either domestically or internationally, for the same WooCommerce web hosting is the best choice that delivers us a highly flexible online store. In this article, we will suggest numerous WooCommerce extension/plugins that can help you in making your business best among your competitors, let’s get started.

Metrilo WooCommerce Analytics

This plugin can help you in monitoring your store’s performance and optimise your investment. Some of the major points for the welfare of the marketing purpose are.

  • We can track all important e-commerce KPIs and people’s actions on site.
  • Allows us to Display sales, traffic, campaign, product and other reports in an understandable way.
  • Compares the ROI of marketing channels.
  • The retention analysis shows you the journey of the customers so that you can win their loyalty.
  • Allow segmentation and personalized marketing of customer profiles.
  • Timely Emails.
  • Product correlation helps in creating the perfect bundles as well as promotions.

YITH Zoom Magnifier

There are many plugins that can allow you to have zoom features on the WooCommerce store because of its easy customisation options.

Various important features of Zoom magnifier are:

  • Mouse over will shows a bigger size image of the product.
  • Customizable zoom is.
  • Enable or disable the zoom on mobile devices.
  • Addition of a slider of product image thumbnails.
  • Customization of the slider behavior.

YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter

This extension of WooCommerce enables us to apply various filters. The user is all free to use any combination of admin defined criteria for product filters.

Multilingual WooCommerce Extension

WooCommerce extensions provide us with several facilities for the better outcomes of our business often it gives us the opportunity to go with multi-language facilities. One can easily translate all the possible things form WooCommerce offers, products, variations, categories, fields, and attributes.

Beeketing For WooCommerce

This WooCommerce extension brings many marketing and sales solutions into one package, making a complete marketing suite for WooCommerce business owners. It is built by seeking, an automation platform specifically the websites of eCommerce.

We can have number of features with this WooCommerce extension which are as follows

  • Create stylish email coupon pop-ups to convert visitors into email subscribers.
  • Run exit-intent popups to avoid site abandonment.
  • Upsell & Cross-sell the products which are relevant based on customer’s cart in combo and sell at a total discount price.
  • Quick View popups that are used to recommend related items.
  • One can generate personalized product recommendation sliders.
  • Involves creation of countdown timer offer to create a sense of urgency for the offer
  • To promote the promotion and popularity of your products sales and Stock Countdown widgets can be used.
  • Social proof widgets that show the number of people have viewed, added to the cart or purchased a specific product.
  • The option of Facebook live chat widget on the store so that the customers can contact and chat directly with you with the help of Messenger.


One of the essential parts that can promote the good SEO of a website is a high loading speed. So it is also necessary to look closely at this issue and pull all the actions in place to improve this aspect. No one wants to have a slow eCommerce store so that it can rank among the first on the search engines. A free WooCommerce plugin Breeze, not only offers minification of HTML, CSS and JS files but also the integration of CDN for a global audience.

WooCommerce Menu Cart

This WooCommerce extension adds a shopping cart button in the navigation bar of the store. There are several features of the WooCommerce menu cart which are as follows:

  • Floating Position.
  • Custom CSS.
  • Selective visibility of shopping cart icon which depends on price, item and the content of the shopping cart.

CSV Importer

This plugin enables us to import data from the WooCommerce store in CSV format. With the help of this plugin, one can import attributes, variable products, premium, custom fields, and taxonomies.

Genesis Connect

It preserves customization option so that no issue arises when the module is updated. However, one can put copies of the templates in child themes and customized such copies as per the requirements of the business.

I hope this article will help you in going with the suitable WooCommerce extension. If you are still struggling in choosing the best WooCommerce extension/plugin for your store, you may reach out to us at [email protected]. We are round the clock available to support you and will be more than happy to help you in clarifying all your queries and the doubts.

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