Android Development Services are the fastest growing mobile operating systems with 60-80 percent user adoption rates It is constantly updating and innovating the mobile operating system to increase user engagement with the smooth mobile operation. It can easily run across tablets, smartwatches, TV, augmented reality and the automobiles. If you want to create Android App for your business, always go with the best choice.

android development services

Our Android Development Services

Ahom Technologies is a preferred global Android development company in India that offers scalable, cloud read and intuitive apps. We follow agile methodologies, implements android app development best practices with enterprise level development. Our applications are catered to the client needs with a broad range of features to increase the revenue through mobile ready business. Some of our android development services are:

  • Custom Android app development.
  • Mobile Enablement.
  • Android UX and design.
  • Android widget development.
  • Android apps testing.
  • Android support and Maintenance.
  • Android apps portability.
  • Android Consulting.

We offer the best android development services for Android application solutions to create unique value with respect to the businesses. Our skilled android application developers have in-depth knowledge of the Android mobile platform and strong experience in the Android software development kit. We are the best in building interactive apps that can support a diversity of devices such as tablets, smart-watches, TV, and auto.

Advantages Of Hiring Android Development Services

There are several advantages of using Android development services which is as follows:

Open Source

Android community offers open source facility from licensing, royalty-free, and the best technology framework. The architecture of Android SDK is totally open so that one can easily interact with the community for the upcoming expansions of android mobile application development. As a result, this makes android so attractive for handset manufacturers and wireless operators.

Easy Integration

An Android app can be a suitable solution for those who are seeking for quality features of technical customization and integration of a web application. With Android, we can integrate and tweak the mobile app according to the business need. It enables the background processes in helping you to integrate the applications.

Multiple Sales Channels

Android app development services can be deployed in different ways based on the requirements. We do not have to rely on a single market to distribute the applications. Even one can use a third party application market place with the personal distribution and sales channel. With the proper and selective use of promotional strategy, one can easily reach to users via different channels.

Easy Adoption

Android applications have been scripted in Java language with a large number of libraries. Just by the help of Java concepts, you can have all the benefits because it is so easy to adopt or script the code. Even Java developers can have a transition of the code script into a mobile application with the implementation of android application development services in the app.

High ROI and low investment

When compared to other platforms android has a low barrier to entry. It offers software development kit (SDK) free of cost to the developer community which diminishes the development and the cost of licensing. The cost of development can be divided into three categories which are as follows.

  • Application development.
  • Testing.
  • Investing in testing or deploying the android mobile application.

6 Reasons- Why Only Choose Ahom Tech?

  1. We have a great track record of delivering high speed and super performing Android projects.
  2. We take quality and security very seriously.
  3. The solutions delivered by us are synonymous with secured solutions.
  4. Our team adheres to the best practices of android development.
  5. Best in Time Delivery.
  6. World class maintenance and support services after delivering the final project.