In our day to day, life software plays a vital role as we heavily rely on technology. Each piece of software we use needs to be developed by some individual or agency. Developing a software is not a simple task to achieve. Best software quality product results in rapid improvement of the organization that depends on “How one manages the software development”. While managing the same, plenty of questions arrive and we come up with the solutions for these certain scenarios or problems with the help of following activities:

Identification Of Need

Market research is the best source of the idea for better software products, Ideas for software products firstly evaluated by marketing personnel for economic feasibility and managing the company’s marketing objectives. In the marketing phase, cost and time assumption plays an important role and based on these roles flow for the development of the software goes on.


Planning is an objective of every activity, from where we can discover things that belong to a particular project. The main task for developing the software program is extracting the requirements or analyzing them, so that customer can have an abstract idea of what they want as a final product. An experienced engineer will immediately come to know about incomplete or even contradictory requirements at this point, so the live code should be demonstrated to avoid the risk of incorrect requirements.


After establishing the requirements, designing comes into the action that involves a preliminary or high-level design of the modules to fit the picture and all the parts together.

Testing and Documentation

An integral phase of the software development process, this is a defect recognizing phase, where all the existing defects are recovered. In a test-driven development process, a test may be developed before the implementation process and serves as a guide for implementing the correctness.

Documenting the internal design for future maintenance and enhancement with the writing of an API also results in best quality documentation. The software engineering process selected by the developer team will determine the amount of documentation required.

Deployment and Maintenance

As soon as the code got tested, deployment starts which can also be approved for released, this may include customization and possibly an extended period for evaluation. To cope with newly discovered faults or requirements one needs to maintain and enhance the software accordingly because any missed fault or requirement may force the software for redesigning purpose.

Security Software Development

One of the critical field to work with is security software development, also known as hacking. For the same penetration testers and cybersecurity experts work together for the welfare of companies system and data. Cybersecurity teams develop software to avoid any type of risk that includes thefts, viruses, and malicious attacks. Then a penetration tester tries to hack the system to find the chances of any vulnerability or weak links. In this way, “security software development” plays an important role in getting your system and important data safe from any type of attack.

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