The most important aspect for any business to reach to the peak is marketing. And a Lead-Based Campaign is a highly crucial part of the same.

lead based

Lead based campaigns

A process of identifying the potential customer for a business’ product or services is termed as an online lead generation. To get high-quality leads, it is often recommended to run a well-targeted lead generation campaign. It is a highly effective form of digital marketing and a targeted approach to acquiring leads. A lead is an individual who visits your page and fills in the inquiry form which indicates his/her interest in your business, product or the service that you are providing.

Lead based campaigns involve two phases –

Pilot phase

In this phase, an optimized search friendly page gets designed, where leads will be signing up to receive more information. Basically, this phase helps to examine the quality of the leads.

Final rollout

Moving to the final rollout phase, it includes the exact keywords for the business which helps it to get the leads that the concerned business really needs. It is considered a part of SEO services, Email marketing, and affiliate marketing.


The lead generation process is the most prominent way of spreading the business if a number of leads will be more then surely the number of sales will also be impressive. Another important factor for the same is the popularity of the brand, as it encourages the customer to visit the particular site again and again. This makes the particular brand more famous and separates it from the competitors within the market.

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