DevOps – Software Development & Operations

Modern era is an era of a software powered world. DevOps is the culture of this “latest technology trends”. It consists of a set of certain practices ensuring the high quality & a cutback in the time lag between initiation of a change to a system & its final integration. It deals with the pressure to move faster & well-co-ordinated for a given project by collaborating development, operations & other groups within a company, towards the set of shared goals.

Following key technical parameters are pinned under DevOps initiative to facilitate the right direction for the software delivery to be on time with proper QA:

  • Automation
  • Code Review
  • Integration
  • Monitoring
  • Web Server

In the cultural context of it, how to engage Dev& Ops teams with all the above parameters to the right path is the real deal. A series of questions is fired once we are in business –

What is the quickest way to get something into production?

How would we ensure that our solution is the best?

If there are updates & modifications, how quickly can we improve?

DevOps involve every stakeholder from the very beginning of the insights about the key business benefits, the senior leadership, everyone with a stake in deliverables, rather than just development & operations department ensuring a smooth & secure process.

A successful DevOps transformation in an organisation craves for concrete efforts with continuous learning & improvement.

We use following DevOPS tools in our agile process-

  • GIT
  • CHEF


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