At present, most of the organizations are facing the problem of ongoing degradation in their performance infrastructure either due to constant changing of configuration or sub-optimal configurations and settings. But the growth in complexity of physical as well as virtual infrastructure is shaping it increasingly complex to gain complete visibility across the whole network. Our infrastructure services will help you in monitoring the health of your entire IT infrastructure with insight into its performance and the pain points that it may face to help you in resolving the issues quickly and results in ensuring the high business uptime.


Monitoring is a type of cloud computing services, this framework facilitates the deployment of functionalities for various other services and applications within the cloud.

Real-time performance monitoring

We use the latest and advanced tools to help you in monitoring the performance of IT infrastructure in real time with system load as minimum as possible.

Health monitoring

We also provide the best possible way to control the various systems in your application environment with loading disk, CPU, network and provide solutions to ensure their optimal performance.

Distributed monitoring

We will make it so easy to manage the load balancing of the infrastructure of the tasks that may include health checks notifications and database updates. We will facilitate you in replicating the program states and configuration in real-time and at the time of ensuring the complete data integrity.

Why choose us for infrastructure

  • Technology tools

We are available with recognized technology tools to monitor your systems. Being the best in the business, we deliver you in-depth reports with the best analysis to help you in gaining the understanding of infrastructure health and performance. The tools that we use also help us in monitoring the dynamic environments with public/private cloud applications and infrastructure.

  • Event correlation

We deliver you the quality correlation between your metrics and events for the context of your host’s performance.

Round the clock availability

We at Ahom Technologies Private Limited provide you the best monitoring to help protect and support your operations.

  • We have highly trained and experienced security professionals for your premises.
  • Facilitate you with intrusion and fire monitoring to protect the facilities.
  • We are always available with video alarm verification to reduce a false type of alarms.
  • Deliver reliable service and support whenever you need it.
  • Critical condition monitoring with temperature and moisture.
  • Always available for unattended delivery monitoring to support business needs.
  • Provide hold-up and panic alarm monitoring with fast response activity.

Why choose us

  • We have a great track record of super performing monitoring services.
  • We take quality and security very seriously.
  • The solutions delivered by us are synonymous with secured solutions.
  • In Time Delivery
  • World class maintenance and support services after delivering the final project.

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