Offshore software development is the newest trend in technology and most of companies are switching to offshore software development for various reasons like cost-effectiveness and technological expertise. Offshoring involves getting software development tasks done by experts located in different countries. It ranges from basic coding to custom software creation, software maintenance, mobile app development, and website design. Here’s why it can benefit your business.

Benefits Of Using Offshore Software Development For Your Business

Lower Costs: Building an in-house IT team with the latest skills can be expensive. Offshoring saves you from investing in IT infrastructure and the time-consuming process of hiring and training staff.

Access to Skilled Talent: Offshore development provides access to a wide pool of talented software engineers with extensive experience in international standards. These experts understand the complexities of global software projects.

Faster Time-to-Market: Dedicated offshore teams work around the clock to deliver high-quality software. This speeds up your project and helps your product reach the market faster. Additionally, external teams can offer fresh insights and creative solutions.

Focus on Core Business: Offshore software development lets you concentrate on your core business strategies without the burden of managing a software development department.

Business Growth: It offers companies of all sizes access to skilled labor, reducing costs and development time. This extra time allows you to focus on your core operations and drive business growth.

What Ahom Technology Offers In Offshore Software Development?

Custom Application Development

We are premier in custom application development since long and it is our focused business area. We work on a variety of projects that include e-commerce, travel, education, B2B, B2C sites and other applications. Our custom application development is customer business-centric with various methodologies and proven process.

Java development

We have delivered offshore software development service for web designing, web development, custom application development, desktop application and product development, J2EE Spring, Spring Boot Framework, Swing and application integration, BizTalk server with tool and technologies.

Open Source Development

As an offshore software development and web development company, we work in the best open source technologies such as PHP, MySQL, Linux, Apache, NGINX and open source framework, CMS solutions and eCommerce solutions. Our experienced PHP developers have successfully delivered variety of web applications ranging from complex business applications to other network sites as well as premium content management systems based website.

Python Development

In 21st century, we are living in an era where data is the king. Managing large data has always been a critical area when we discuss about showcasing the real time analytics out of it. Python has got a big hit when we require to process the huge data. We have delivered web as well as AI tools sing Python to our esteemed customers.

Application maintenance

We deliver application maintenance services from our India Offshore software development center. With time, business needs vary and new requirements are to be needed for the implementation in order to manage the business efficiently. We not only provide offshore software development and maintenance service for existing applications but also to new open source technologies.

iPhone Applications

We offer iPhone applications development services to our clients since very long. Our experience includes creating small utility apps, games development, online commerce applications etc. Our developers are well experienced in iPhone apps development using Cocoa, JSON framework, Unity 3D etc.

Why Offshore Software Development ?

There are various factors that prove offshore software development a vital aspect to go with:


The primary reason is that as customers start getting software offshore is the cost of living may vary for different parts of the globe. By outsourcing the software development, one can have a whole skilled team working on the same project for the same or less amount as compared to that hiring one on site-software development.


With the current economy, IT departments do not have enough time available to maintain a company’s existing or a new application. With outsourcing software testing and maintenance, one can easily free up the IT department’s time to work strategically on important tasks based on the priority as per the need of the project.

Skilled Resources

Getting the skilled and best resources is very hard these days and it is so tough to retain them as well. With the help of outsourcing one can instantly inject skilled resources for the project as per the requirements.

Ahom Technologies Private Limited is an offshore software development company with well-organized infrastructure for meeting up all development requirements according to the project.

Best Practices for Offshore Software Development:

Know the Whole Team: When offshoring, introduce your entire team to the offshore developers. Building strong partnerships with them is crucial for success.

Smaller, Skilled Teams: Opt for smaller, highly skilled teams. Smaller teams lead to better communication and visibility, resulting in better outcomes.

Onshore and Offshore Leads: Have both an onshore and offshore team lead. They can facilitate communication, set coding standards, solve technical issues, and mentor the offshore team.

Daily Video Meetings: Frequent communication between onshore and offshore leads is vital. Arrange daily video meetings to address issues promptly.

Use Development Tracking Tools: Utilize software development tracking tools like Jira to plan, track, and release quality software efficiently.

Cloud Computing: Cloud computing is becoming essential in offshore software development, offering scalability and flexibility.

Automation: Automation reduces manual labor costs and risks. It enables companies to innovate faster and respond to changing needs while reducing overhead.

AI (Artificial Intelligence): AI is gaining popularity in offshore software development. It improves code quality and testing, making software development faster and more efficient.

Why Choose Ahom For Offshore Software Development ?

  1. Business solutions focused.
  2. Bottom line results.
  3. High performance.
  4. Super execution.
  5. Ability to expand.
  6. Deep technology expertise.
  7. Unique business expertise.
  8. Collaboration capabilities of offshore software development.
  9. We have a great track record of delivering high speed and super performing offshore software development.
  10. We take quality and security very seriously.
  11. The solutions delivered by us are synonymous to secured solutions.
  12. Our team adheres to best practices of modern development.

In conclusion, offshoring software development is a smart financial and business move. To succeed, plan carefully, choose the right offshore partner, and use best practices to ensure transparency, clear communication, and project coordination. An experienced technology partner can help you make informed decisions about offshore software development.

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What is offshore software development company?

Offshore software development companies are the companies which provides software solutions from another country. It’s a bit like asking someone from another place to help with your computer projects, and they work from a far using their skills.

What is software offshoring?

In software engineering, offshore custom software development means getting the software made in a place where it’s cheaper, so you can save money on your project

What is onshore and offshore in software development?

In software development, “onshore” means getting the work done by a team in your own country, while “offshore” means having the work done by a team in a different, often lower-cost, country. It’s like choosing whether to hire local or go international for your software project.

What are the benefits of choosing an offshore software development company?

Choosing an offshore software company means cost savings, access to global talent, faster development, focus on core tasks, and innovation.