For any business or a company, a concern that disturbs the most is getting the information out without spending much of our asset on updating the data online. React development helps in smoothing many things out which includes dealing with heavy data, changing data on a regular basis and many more.


React.js is an open source library and one of the latest Javascript based framework that helps to ease the major pain points of the business. It deals with content management and other library-related aspects of website development. It is curated by some of the biggest tech companies in the world that make React Js community a large and active entity in the world of development.

Features of React.js

  • React Native:

React development provides native libraries which were announced by Facebook in 2015 that leads to having best react architecture for native applications like iOS, Android and UPD. It helps you in building high performing mobile apps just with the help of javascript in less time of duration.

  • Single way data flow:

In React.js, the set of some immutable values are passed to the component rendrer as a property in its HTML tags. One can never modify the components directly but can pass a call back function that will lead to having required modifications. This complete process is termed as “property flow down; actions flow up”.

  • JSX:

It uses JSX, simply a javascript that allows HTML quoting feature and uses these HTML tag syntax to render the subcomponents instead of using regular javascript for templating.

Why React.js

Selection of best technology according to our requirements plays a vital role in giving our business a sky-high momentum. A question that tickles the mind of every business owner is to select the best web application development. For the same, there are so many open source platforms for a frontend web application, like Angular , Vue.js many more then why one should go with React development.

Let us take a quick look over the benefits of React.js when compared with other competitive technologies or frameworks.

  • Simplicity:

A well-defined lifecycle and use of plain javascript make react.js very simple to grasp. With all such easy ways of management, facility of JSX allows us to mix HTML with javascript. In fact, it is not necessary to go with JSX but the involvement of the same makes much easier to handle with.

  • Data Binding:

React.js includes one-way data binding with an application architecture called flux that is used to control the flow of data to components through one control point termed as a dispatcher.

  • Testability:

React.js applications are so easy to test, and the views can be treated as the functions of the state. So, we can manipulate with the state we pass to the React.js view and can take a look at the triggered actions, events, and functions.

Learn Once, Write Anywhere

React.js facilitates with many extensive options for the welfare of our business, but one of the most important facilities is to provide the feature of “learn once, write anywhere”. So, one can develop new features in React.js without rewriting existing code. It can also render on the server using Node and power mobile applications using React Native.


React.js provides us the facility to create an interactive user interface and helps us to design simple views for each state in our application. Coming to the management of data, React development efficiently update and render the exact component when the modification of the data takes place. Declarative views not only create extensive interface but also make your code more predictable and easier to debug.

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