Drupal vs Squarespace

December 26, 2018

To make our business a shining star, we need to select the most suitable CMS platform that can be easily customized based on the requirements. Via this blog, we will make you aware of two of the leading names in the world of CMS named as Drupal and Squarespace.

Let us have a breif discussion that can make the picture crystal clear:


Both the entities have come up with certain pros and cons. Talking about Drupal, it delivers high-performance, scalability, and reliability to the users for the welfare of the business. It is a huge open source community where one can easily manage the site on their own, as one can easily add or manage the predefined themes and templates make it a great tool for developers, site-builders and content managers. On the other hand, Squarespace includes professional appealing templates, it allows you to update the content without affecting the live website. It has come up with includes various options for customizing the pages with attractive slideshows and different designs to display, pictures, products, and text.


Drupal may be a slow system to work with, if it is not provided with an adequate amount of server resources. One of the complex tasks to deal with Drupal is to stay up to date. While on the other hand, Squarespace is more expensive than other website options, but if you have experts for coding or maintaining a site than it may be a cheaper option to go with.


Drupal Provides over 30k modules with programming. While on the other hand, some extensibility is also provided by the Squarespace official integrations that includes high-quality API and widgets.

Security and updates

Coming on the Security or update issues, Drupal includes many built-in security features but when compared with others, it is requiring some additional features for the better outcomes. While on the other hand, Squarespace is quite easy than to that of Drupal and have a better maintenance for the security features.

Keeping all the points in mind, it is a complex task to choose anyone as the best side of both, but as the specific system can never be a perfect solution for all the aspects. So we need to decide the best one according to the requirements of the business.


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