Benefits of Machine Learning

February 5, 2019

Machine learning helps in extracting meaningful information from a large set of raw data. This technology can serve the solution to a variety of business and complexities problems. There are several major technology giants such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon etc with cloud machine learning platforms which are using all the benefits of machine learning. In this article, we are going to discuss the various benefits of Machine learning which are as follows.

Customer Lifetime Value Prediction

There are various challenges faced in the business especially by digital marketers that may include customer lifetime value prediction and customer segmentation. Machine learning and data mining play an important role for the better outcomes of the business. Companies have access to a huge amount of data that can be effectively used to derive meaningful business insights. With the help of these advanced technologies, one can be able to predict customer behaviors, purchasing patterns and can help in suggesting the best possible offers to individual customers based on the browsing history or type of item that has been purchased by them.

Predictive Maintenance

With the help of machine learning technology, companies can discover meaningful business insights and pattern hidden in their factory data. Basically, this case is termed predictive maintenance and helps in smoothing the risks associated with unexpected failures with the elimination of unnecessary expenses. Machine learning architecture can be easily built with the help of historical data, the workflow visualisation tool, feedback tool, and a flexible analysis environment.

Eliminates Manual Data Entry

One of the biggest problems faced by the businesses today is the duplicate and inaccurate data. Machine learning and predictive modeling algorithms are significantly useful for avoiding the errors caused by manual data entry. As a result, employees can utilize the same time for carrying out a particular task that adds value to the business.

Detecting Spam

One of the vital benefits of machine learning is detecting about the spam. Previously, email service providers were used to filter out the spam based on the pre-existing and rule-based techniques.  However, now spam filters are creating new rules through the help of neural networks detect spam and phishing messages.

Product recommendations

For an eCommerce business, nothing can be more important as to that of products or items which the particular business is selling. Accordingly, we can encourage the customers by recommending more products of their area f interest. Hence, the questions arise, how we come to know which type of products the customer is interested. Here comes the use of machine learning, based on purchasing history record and browsing, unsupervised machine learning helps in developing product based recommendations. In such a case, algorithms use customer purchase history and match it with our inventory products to identify hidden patterns and group similar products together.List of such products then suggested to customers, hence motivating the product purchase.

Financial Analysis

With a high volume of quantitative and historical data, machine learning can now be used for financial analysis. There are various fields where machine learning is already being used such as in finance for portfolio management, algorithmic trading, loan underwriting, and fraud detection etc. Similarly, future applications of the same in finance will include conversational interfaces security, chatbots, customer services, and sentimental analysis.

Image Recognition

Image recognition is also termed as computer vision. It is used to produce numeric and symbolic information from images and other high dimensional data. It consists of data mining, ML pattern recognition and also database knowledge discovery. This is one of the most important benefits used by companies in different industries including healthcare, automobiles, etc.

Medical Diagnosis

With the help of superior diagnostic tools and effective treatment plans, a medical diagnosis has helped a number of healthcare organizations to improve the patient health with reducing health care costs. In the medical field, it is playing an important role in making the almost perfect diagnosis, a recommendation of medicines accurately as per the requirement to the patient, based on the insights and using patient records and data sets along with the symptoms exhibited by the patients.

Cyber Security improvement

Cybersecurity is one of the major problems solved by Machine learning. However, machine learning allows new-generation providers to have newer technologies which can be able to detect the unknown threats quickly and effectively.

Customer Satisfaction increment

This is one of the most important benefits of machine learning. It drastically reduces the cost and amount of time invested in managing the customer relationship. It also helps in improving customer loyalty with superior customer experience by the help of previous call records for analyzing the customer behavior based on which requirement of the client accurately assigned to the most suitable customer services executive.

We have discussed many benefits of machine learning that can be so important for the triumph of any business. If you are still left with any doubt about the benefits of machine learning, you can reach out to us at [email protected]. We are round the clock available and will be more than happy to serve in clarifying all your queries and problems.