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Joomla vs Blogger

Selection of best quality content management system plays a vital role in giving a business an extensive start. At present, we are gathered with lot many types of CMS around us, but the main task is to choose the best one for the business. To provide our business a flying start two of the rivalries are Joomla and Blogger.

Let’s have some more points for both the opponents:


Blogger is a part of Google family, which is a blog publishing service that delivers the user the best quality features to create, manage and maintain their own website in a well defined and suitable manner that can help the one, to take the business at the peak of the success. While on the other hand, Joomla is a free open source content management system that delivers the facility of managing the content of the website in an easy and secure manner.

Pricing details

Inching towards the charges of Blogger, there is no need to pay to host a blog on the subdomain But in case if any user wants to deliver a professional look to the website then he can buy the custom domain anywhere online and can link it to their blogger page. On the other side, Joomla is an open source CMS that means user need not to pay and can have all the benefits of these extensive features without any interruption due to investments or charges.


Features of Blogger may include many extensive features such as:

  • Template Library.
  • Image handling.
  • Raw HTML conversion.
  • Time-stamping upon publication.
  • Reading permissions.
  • Option to create private blogs.
  • Web feed options.
  • Label Organizations.
  • Link editing in compose mode.
  • Undo and redo tools.
  • Country-specific blogger addresses.

Coming to the features of Joomla, it includes:

  • Content Management.
  • Banner Management.
  • Language manner.
  • Syndication and Newsfeed Management.
  • Powerful Extensibility.
  • Navigation management.
  • Plug-ins.
  • Media manager.
  • Contact Management.
  • Nested Categorization.
  • Extensive ACL.
  • Cloud Storage APIs.
  • Menu Manager.


Being a second most popular CMS worldwide, Joomla manages nearly 2.5 million websites and holds approximately 6.5% of the global market share with some of the high profile sites such as:

  • Holiday Inn.
  • Harvard University.

Talking about the blogger, owned by Google and free to use. However, used by only 0.9% of all the websites that make it a least popular content management system when compared with other big names. Some high traffic sites that come into action with blogger are:

  • Simply Stacie (food).
  • Mish Talks (investments).

Best blog software is the one that can tackle your company’s unique demands. As it is so easy to recognize that which choice works best for your company if you have assessed several products before deciding the best one. But in case, if you have not tried all products then you need to go through the records or statistics, which is not a perfect solution for the same. So, as a solution, one should go with the product which suits best for the particular problem or the scenarios rather go with that one which is attracting you on the basis of price or popularity.

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