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Joomla vs Squarespace

Selecting the most appropriate blog software for the business is a complex task to achieve because a selection of quality content management system will result in better outcomes for the welfare of our company. To achieve such an outcome we have two entities in the world of CMS termed as Joomla and Squarespace.

Let’s have some comparisons for both the systems:

Joomla vs Squarespace-ahomtech


Joomla is a free open source content management system that will not only help in having attractive websites but also manages the content in an easy or a secured manner. While on the other hand talking about the opposition, Squarespace is one of the best platforms for individuals or those small businesses who want to have a great venture in selling the items online.


Talking about the pricing, Squarespace delivers a 14 days trial for those who want to have Squarespace out just for a spin, if found something beneficial then may have other premium versions that include various types based on the pay scale monthly or annually. Based on the types or features Squarespace may charge up to $16/month for websites, $26/month for business and if any customer wants to have advanced features then the charges will be up to $46/month. Coming to the opponent, Joomla is far way better when compared on the basis of price, being an open source content management system customers need no to pay anything and can use whole the system without any charge.


Joomla is an open source content management system with extensively attractive features which are as follows:

  • Content Management.
  • Banner Management.
  • Content Management.
  • Language manner.
  • Syndication and Newsfeed Management.
  • Powerful Extensibility.
  • Navigation management.
  • Plug-ins.
  • Media manager.
  • Contact Management.
  • Nested Categorization.
  • Extensive ACL.
  • Cloud Storage APIs.
  • Menu Manager.

While on the other hand, Squarespace may also include many exceptional features such as:

  • Modern Templates.
  • Style Editor.
  • Template Switching.
  • Built-in Mobile Websites.
  • Drag-and-Drop Management.
  • Responsive Image Loader.
  • Gallery Blocks.
  • Audio Collections.
  • Dropbox File.
  • Content Downloading.
  • Social Links.
  • Custom WYSIWYG Editor.
  • Automatic Image Scaling.
  • Site Annotations.
  • Direct Editing.
  • Mobile Information Bar.
  • Custom CS.

It is cleared from the above information that price of Squarespace is much higher as compared to that of Joomla but it is not really a case that only costs and price are important for the quality of the system. As far as the ratings for user satisfaction is concerned Joomla is having a better score with 99% of ratings while Squarespace is lacking behind with 96% of the score. So, to determine the best option for your company, instead of picking up the software with the most attractive price, pick the one that offers the best value for your money. Hence, one must go with the most suitable CMS amongst all according to the needs that one requires rather to that of money that one invests.

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