Latest E-commerce trends of

Latest E-commerce trends of 2019

In the present era, E-commerce is evolving at a rapid pace. If you are looking to boost sales and conversion rates then nothing more than important to stay ahead of the latest E-commerce trends of 2019. In this article, we will make you aware of the latest E-commerce trends of 2019 that will help you in understanding what they are and how one can be able to implement them in online business for the better outcomes.


Motion instead of that of a static screen will always attract attention because of this fact auto-played videos are so popular in attracting more users even on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Using animation in our E-commerce website can be a great boost for having a large crowd with respect to draw attention to specific details. But one has to be careful while using such an animated feature because it may result in distracting the attention of the customers from the most important activities that you want a customer to be involved in, such as completing the purchase of the product.

Artificial Intelligence

A rise of conversation AI commonly known as chatbots is one of the latest E-commerce trends of 2019 that can be a great helping hand to interact with customers. With the help of this feature E-commerce brands can provide massive value to busy customers who always look for immediate answers, regardless of the time or the platform they are using. Artificial Intelligence allows E-commerce businesses to support customers simultaneously no matter what platform the customer has used.

High-Quality Photos and Videos

For the welfare of the brand, one should avoid the use of stock photos and instead of the normal one, branded and professional photography should be preferred. With the use of high-quality photos and videos on the website, even the cheaper product seems to be of branding quality which in return increases the business of that particular brand. Not only photos of good quality but 360-degree product videos can also be used which can help the customers in analyzing the quality of the product from all the possible angles.


Automation for an E-commerce website is one of the most vital trends that will surely be an essential feature in 2019. Business enlargement and scalability heavily depend on the quantity of the task that a business can automate. There are many factors which require a human resource to get accomplished but with the help of automation feature, many aspects such as customer support and other services can be fulfilled that can surely be a helpful action to take off the pressure from human resources in 2019.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is an extensive feature of Artificial Intelligence. As far as AI-based E-commerce is concerned, it is still in its early development phase but 2019 will definitely be the time to begin utilizing its superpowers. Unlike that of simple automation, advanced features of machine learning enable us to deeply customize how the customer experiences the particular product or the brand.


This feature enables the particular brand to have suggestions for the similar products in which the customer is showing the interest based on the search history or the items that have been purchased in the past. For example: If a Person is ordering the product after a particular duration on a regular basis, a reminder should be targeted accordingly based on the past purchase history which results in the encouragement of the particular customer to purchase more products of his/her interest.

One-Click Purchase

Some of the basic requirements of the E-commerce store are its mobile-friendly environment and smooth checkout process but such feature alone is not capable enough to bring up your store to the next level. For the advancement, one needs to keep up with the latest E-commerce trends of 2019 that include many extensive features, and one of them is one-click ordering. This feature can result in increase impulse buys, helps to boost up the conversion rates and, will satisfy the busy shoppers.

Voice Search

There is a number of aspects for providing more traffic to our business but one of the most advanced ways to go with is voice search instead of typing the same. Optimizing an E-commerce shop for voice search can help your business to receive more traffic. But one needs to be careful while including a voice search facility for the E-commerce business because of language variety based on the region. For better results, be sure to mirror that particular language that your target customer actually uses.

Image Search

Giants like Google, eBay, and Pinterest are now providing users with the facility to search for items by taking or uploading the pictures of that particular product in which the customer is interested. This feature can be an added advantage for users to have visual search as they can find similar products or the items of their interest with a lot of comparing options with existing products in the store.

With all such trends, any business can have a peak of triumph within a specific time duration but a concern that should be heavily prioritized is how the one is implementing all such trends in the business. If you are in search of a better guide, to know more about the latest E-commerce trends of 2019 you can reach out to us at [email protected]  and we will be there for you round the clock with the best available solutions for all your problems and the queries.

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