Magento 2 Ecommerce

What is Magento 2 Ecommerce

Magento 2 Ecommerce is a very popular e-commerce CMS platform that’s used on the web these days what we mean by this there are two things, 

First thing being that it’s an e-commerce software any application that can be used to sell a product or service and collect payments online can be classified as an e-commerce software 

Secondly I did mention it was a CMS a CMS or a content management system is any application that can be used to manage all of your content from one central location so 

Magento is a combination of both these well-built ecommerce software as well as a CMS platform making it uniquely suitable for most ecommerce web design projects.

Magento 2 b2b

Magento is a company owned by Adobe, currently it’s 2018 August and it is an open-source ecommerce platform that allows businesses to use the platform to sell to their customers.

The platform is mainly a b2c business to consumers platform, so an e-commerce platform is a platform is a website that you can go and set up and you can upload your products for sale 

And you can actually allow your customers to browse and Add to Cart and purchase and then you can fulfil shipments to them, So that’s the most basic idea of e-commerce.

General B2B Features

  • To allow customers to manage their own company accounts, set Enable Company to Yes.
    This displays additional fields to enable Shared Catalogues and B2B Quotes, as well as a new section for configuring Default B2B Payment Methods.
  • To allow customers and guests to quickly place orders based on SKU or product name, set Enable Quick Order to Yes.
  • To allow customers to create and manage requisition lists from their account dashboard, set Enable Requisition List to Yes.

Is Magento free for E-Commerce?

Magento commerce which is the Enterprise Edition paid license for their platform which includes all of their built in features plus features that are not available to the open source and the free or no license.

Magento version so Magento has Magento open source which is a free open source license and they have commerce, which has additional support and many additional features.

And a few extra very important features for businesses: a payment bridge PCI compliance and a lot of different features and of course support from Magento right in addition.

Magento has a few other things so first of all is cloud based e-commerce. If you use commerce or open source you would have to host the website with your own servers. 

Magento has a service called cloud based commerce which includes basically all of Magento commerce Plus, Amazon hosting that was set up, configured and managed by Magento. 

So commerce with cloud plus a few additional features a few different additional services, 

They also have some additional extensions slash systems for just an order management back-end and some very detailed business reports.

And of course you can always get some extensions that are made by extension makers that will extend the functionality of your open source, your commerce, your cloud etc.

Magento 2

Magento 2 has an open-source version and a commerce version, a paid version and Magento 2 obviously has all of these additional ones. 

So let’s talk a lot about Magento before we get into the backend. Magento is one of the leaders as far as ecommerce platforms and it kind of ranges from fairly small businesses to medium to large businesses to some enterprises. 

It’s really really good at projects that are a little bit more complicated and need more customization they’re not really one-size-fits-all they’re very good for multi-site multi-country multi language multi currency.

Which within one specific platform so you may have one Magento that supports world wide.

For example, each country would have different settings and different integrations and different payment gateways and different connections to different local requirements. 

Magento is very good at the security, so Magento releases very regularly if they find any security issue they released security patches 

Because Magento is run on so many websites it’s tested in the wild, which means a lot of sites use it 

And so hackers obviously try to attack Magento sites and whenever Magento gets reported or finds security issues, 

They’ll release security updates very quickly and then the developers will have to patch it. 

So security is a very very good way, a good one for Magento and the features like a lot of customizations and settings that you can do.

That is really fitting a ton of businesses out of the box right so you don’t need to extend them so taxes and different types of product types and the API is built in etc.

Steps should follow to hire Magento Development Company 

  • Analyze business requirements.
  • Find company history for the following Magento Development Services:
  • Number of years of experience and certified Magento Developers they have.
  • Number of projects and project transparency and security and data integrity.
  • Testing and Quality Assurance and Deployment of the project.
  • Customer service and support and review.

Ahom Technologies is committed for timely project delivery and cost effective solutions on Magento development services.

_ percent of our work is Magento building. We have done this for years and years and we really like it a good platform and obviously every platform has its disadvantages but overall it is definitely the best ecommerce platform we have used.

In case of any queries, please feel free to drop us a mail at [email protected] or contact us at +91-124 4294496 , We will be more than happy to listen to you.

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