January 4, 2019
Welcome to AHOM Technologies Private Limited. We have named ourselves as AHOM with a purpose. There is a question we get asked often. What does AHOM mean? Why did we pick the name AHOM?


AHOM was a dynasty of rulers in present-day Assam. AHOMers are descendants of Tai group, originally from Yunnan Province of China. They came to Assam in the 13th century. They befriended with the local tribes and slowly begun to expand their powers by adding more and more tribes in their fold. This was all done in a very friendly manner. They used to win the faith and hearts of the tribes, let them mix within and ask the tribes to join hands to form a great kingdom. Not to be surprised, all those respectfully asked favors were responded positively. By the time, the kingdom gained much power and status in the then India. The major growth story of AHOMs starts with adapting to the mainland religion and culture. The first AHOM king who opted for a Hindu name was Suhungmung. He named himself as Swarga Narayan. His successors also followed him. Culture and society were also getting blended with Tai, Hindu, and local tribal colors. What we see today, is a highly inclusive, multicultural, multiethnic and multilingual society finding their roots to AHOMs.

The most important part of the kingdom was their military prowess. This is one of the longest ruling kingdoms in the history of India. To be very proud, the kingdom was invincible and lasted for 600 years. It is too long a time for most of the kingdoms to get defeated at a war or two but AHOMs were real winners. They kept their invincibility intact throughout the whole time frame. All the so-called claims of Mughals ruling whole India becomes null and void when we put AHOMs in picture. Mughals attacked the kingdom many times getting nothing but defeat only. The largest attack was attempted by Aurangzeb in 1671 which is popularly known as the Battle of Saraighat. Mughal army got defeated again and Lachit Borphukan (AHOM’s army head) along with his troops crushed them resulting in a “no comeback” from the Mughals side. Indian government honors Lachit Borphukan by awarding Lachit medal to the best cadet of NDA.

Coming to the question, why we are AHOM, we are driven by many qualities of AHOMs and we have created an environment to foster these values. Below are some of these qualities with which we identify ourselves.

  • Inclusiveness – AHOM people were very inclusive by nature. The kingdom included a vast majority of different tribes, Hindu and Tai people. We at AHOM Technologies also welcome inclusiveness and multiculturalism.
  • Hard Working – Coming from a foreign land and making a kingdom to last for 6 centuries was not an easy task. It required a lot of hard work. We too work very hard, not just to build a company or a product but we also thrive to leave a legacy in the technical horizon.
  • Winning – AHOMers were used to of winning battles and hearts, so are we. We also believe in winning hearts and technical challenges. We are the winners.
  • Proactiveness – Lachit knew that Mughals are weak in naval warship so he built strong naval forces and forced Mughals to be involved in naval wars which made them lose. This was an act of pro-activeness which we value much and try to implement wherever possible.

We at AHOM are in making of a future oriented technology driven organization who win always.

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