WordPress vs Squarespace

December 20, 2018

Website, an essential aspect to give a high rocketing momentum to any business, for the same we have two “content management system” named as WordPress and Squarespace.

Let us look over certain points that will help in giving us a clear cut about which one is the best as per the requirements.

Ease Of Use

For Squarespace one does not require any coding skill to build a website, just drag and drop activities are enough to push the business towards the way of success. But when compared with other tools like Wix or Weebly, it is not an easy task. On the other hand, WordPress is a powerful and flexible platform and you must be confident enough to keep up with the coding requirements. One can either spent some amount in hiring a developer, if not capable enough concerning technology. This will raise the investment cost for the business but surely boosts up the business with certain amazing results after investing around $100 for an hour.

Design Flexibility

Squarespace offers a wide range of features that get updated after a certain time duration. It includes clean, modern and professional designed templates, where you can choose the appropriate one. You can easily manage the content as per the requirements and view all the changes in front by adding galleries and video backgrounds. The built-in custom CSS editor enables us to get in touch with attractive and creative websites. On the other hand, WordPress provides the best control over the website. It may not be as easy as the Squarespace where you can achieve the destination just by drag and drop the predefined templates or themes.

Mobile Responsiveness

Nowadays, most of the traffic for any of the website comes from mobile users. Keeping this in mind, mobile responsiveness is a great parameter for the success of any business. After putting a great effort, one never wants to have unstructured look at the device on which the site has been opened. Squarespace includes fully mobile-optimized templates and being the latest CMS it contains a built-in template that automatically can adjust as per the device. This feature of Squarespace makes sure that the website looks great on all the devices. Whereas on the opposite side, WordPress is slightly different because you can choose the best one from thousands of themes or templates. At present, 50% of the total traffic comes from mobile users, so it may results in a loss if the site has not been framed with mobile responsiveness.

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