Best WordPress Security Plugin

February 22, 2019

WordPress has some pretty solid measures as far as the security is concerned but if you are seeking to take the security to the next level, we need to go for security plugins. With the help of a security plugin, we will be able to have access over the additional features that WordPress doesn’t have right out of the box. In this article, we are going to discuss the best WordPress security plugins.

If you have created something using WordPress, it brings you with dozens of popular plugins to install but going through every plugin can be a tedious task. To make it your cup of tea, we are here to help you in selecting the best WordPress security plugins.

WP Security and firewall

One of the best WordPress security plugins that are so easy to use even for those who are not well aware of the technical skills. It has been equipped with a unique grading system so that users can see which area of WordPress is protected, and what they need to improve upon. Since it is easy to use and we can improve it to an amazing extent. It provides us the security by protecting against blue force login attempts, secures your user accounts, creating a website firewall, protection of WordPress database even from the blacklisting of certain IP addresses or the sites.

iThemes Security

iTheme is a security packed plugin for WordPress that is available in both free as well as paid version for the WordPress site. The paid version will unlock more detailed security measures whereas the free version has some decent options too. If you really want to have a high level of security, there is nothing better than the pro version. It will not only unlock the stellar security features but also readily available at affordable prices at just $80 per year. It does a lot to enhance the security to the next level by providing strong password protection, back up and securing the database, protection against brute force attack, moving of login page, the addition of two-factor authentication and many more.

Wordfence Security

It is one of the freely available WordPress security plugins in the market that excels in protecting the site from brute force attacks, real-time security monitoring, IP blacklisting with an add-on of the firewall to the site. Wordfence has an extensive database of offending IP addresses and the websites, which at once block such entities from accessing the particular site. The premium version of the wordfence is available which is equipped with additional features to take the security of the website to new heights. The pro version can be so useful to deal with real-time protection, an improved firewall, two-factor authentication, dedicated support, improved spam protection and many more.

Sucuri Security

This security plugin has been developed by a team of WordPress security experts. This plugin is all freely available and can be extremely helpful for both regular site monitoring, strengthens your level of security. Once you will install the plugin, you would be able to leverage the regular website monitoring and strength of the existing security protocols that ensure the protection against the threats and malware attacks.


It is a relatively new addition to WordPress security. There are both free and premium versions available for secupress. It includes an intuitive user interface that makes it incredibly easy to set up and use. If any of the weak points revealed during the scan, the plugin will actually fix immediately on a click. Hence, it is solid and easy to use. Similarly, the premium version will provide you additional features like anti-spam protection, automated website scan option and automated website backups in the case where any restoration would be needed.

Website security is complex but so vital to keep the site secure from a number of attacks. Instead of trying all the security threats out there, an important course of action is taking the necessary steps to protect the site. All the above-mentioned plugins are a great choice when it comes to protecting the site. If you are not acquiring heavy traffic on your small business site, you can probably get away with free WordPress security plugins. We have discussed various best WordPress security plugins that can be useful for maintaining a highly secure website. If you have any doubt, you may reach out to us at [email protected]. We are round the clock available and will be extremely happy to serve you in clarifying all your doubts and queries.