Squarespace vs Blogger

December 29, 2018

Content management system plays an important role in providing our business a momentum that results in sky-high improvement in all the possible aspects whether it is of the technology or market share. There are number of content management system, via this write-up, we will help you  to get aware of the best between sqaurespce and Blogger.

Let’s elaborate more about both the systems:


Talking about blogger, it is one of the most straightforward platforms out there in the world of CMS and can be used easily just by the help of hand full of blogging or website knowledge. Being an easy system, it is the most appropirate platform for beginners. While on the other hand, Squarespace is quite better when compared with Blogger, as you can manipulate or manage the design according to the requirements. It is so easy to use but there is a learning curve that one needs to follow for being an expert in Squarespace.


Talking about the pros, there are several points that make Squarespace and Blogger beneficial for us. Some of the points that mean to be the beneficial factor for the business are:

  • Designs:

Squarespace contains best design interfaces with features such as responsiveness, drag, and drop, where one needs to pick the interface based on the area of interest and can customize the same according to will. On the other side, in Blogger, one can easily write, edit posts and add the same in SEO like headings and subheadings.

  • Support:

As far as support is concerned both the content management system provides round the clock support and it’s never too late to deliver the best solution for the particular problem.


Pointing blogger with respect to pricing includes two cases. If you have a blogspot.com address, then you can freely use the features and all the accesses but in case of buying the domain on go, daddy.com one needs to pay $10 to $20 for the particular duration. Coming to the opponent, Squarespace is not totally free of cost and not a cheaper side to select but as a return of investment it is user-friendly to design the site using Squarespace.

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