Benefits of web application

Benefits of a Web Application

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Why PHP?

PHP programming is an open-source framework and it refers to a server-side scripting language, which means that the applications written in it run on web servers and do not depend on the web browser. However, over the years its area of use has

latest web development trends

Latest Web Development Trends 2020

Web development is not new to anyone but it keeps on changing as per the requirement of the users. However, it has become necessary to pay heed to web development as well as to other technology trends


User Interface

A user interface is an essential part of information technology termed as UI. It includes everything designed with which a person may interact. Display screens, keyboards, a mouse and the entire appearance of a

latest web development

Latest Web Development Trends 2019

Web Development techniques are changing rapidly with the addition of each new technology on the list. Let us discuss the latest web development trends for the year 2019: Artificial Intelligence: