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Android Development Trends 2019

We have a bunch of technologies that are growing at a rapid pace and of the well-known entity for the same in android development. The mobile application and the devices have gone through a constant evolution where one saw the advent of new trends and the great improvements in the existing ones. In this article, we are going to discuss the android development trends 2019, let’s get started.

Internet Of Things

IoT has created a lot of buzz around the world and surely will continue to take guard further up. It has not only boosted up the varied group of industry verticals but also health care, e-commerce, construction, and transportation, etc. Even it will also improve the ecosystem with its penetration in the real state and development of smarter cities. The experts think that soon IoT would solve the menace of traffic snarls and problem-related to the problem of vehicle parking. IoT is one of the important aspects of android development trends in 2019. Even it can be a boon for the educational institutions as the teachers, students, and parents that can help them to stay connected to know what’s happening around the class or on the campus related to studies. Parents can take a note on if their children are performing well in the class or not.

AR and VR

A new phrase of AR and VR has indeed created a huge influence over the audience in recent years. Such amazing technologies are not only used for grooming and augmenting the popular advanced gaming applications but also create courage around the social media platforms. AR is the best tool that can be used for social media campaigns. Even they have released with the integration of AR filters that can make or turn any human face into a digital character. For example, one of the recent examples for the same is a Pokemon go. However, with social media giants such as Instagram, Snapchat and other applications that are implementing this innovation, with such activities user engagement has surged and the apps have certainly become super interactive.


Chatbots have become an integral part of the most demanded apps that allows you to respond within no time to your customers. Basically, they do not involve human to human interactions as they are nothing more than virtual assistants. Indeed, chatbots are well connected with the AR as well as VR technologies to go with new stories and offering the business enterprises a type of digital weapons to deliver an edge over others in the market. These chatbots have played a vital role in improving customer relationship management to the next level.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

In the world of modern-day technologies, machine learning and artificial intelligence have been successful in creating a huge influence that allows us to simplify the services and the bidding process. When these two entities get involved with each other, it can do wonder for any type of business in getting valuable data and real-time analytics as well. Though artificial intelligence as technology has become a superior hit launch with numerous benefits, on the other hand, its partner machine learning still needs to join the influence in a proper manner through many of its components.

Wearable Applications

There is a number of innovative ideas generating day by day which is collecting fame across the globe. Similarly, wearable applications are also one of the amazing technology trends that may include smartwatches and other wearable devices. So whether you are doing physical workouts and the exercises every morning the wearable apps will help in sending the data about how many calories have been burnt or how much distance you have covered. Similarly, these apps can also provide you with a facility to keep an eye on vital health parameters that may include heart rate, blood sugar level and the amount of cholesterol that one may have.


APM stands for (application performance management) and it has been introduced to eradicate the snag and other types of issues that may slow down the app performance. It improves the app quality and can boost app performance. In fact, it is one of the vital tools used by the quality assurance testers during the application testing process. On the contrary, EMM stands for Enterprise mobile Management including both the technology as well as the people. It also helps in mobile computing to streamline the business process with a number of facilities such as managing the finance and maintaining the applications.

We have discussed a number of latest android development trends 2019. I hope you are all clear about the android development trends 2019. If you are still left with any concern about the latest Android development trends, you may reach out to us at [email protected]. We are round the clock available and will be more than happy to help you in clarifying about all your doubts and queries.

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