Amazing Features of Kentico

amazing features of Kentico-ahomtech.com
Nov 01, 2019

With all buzz around technology, CMS is one of the most vital aspects that provide the base to our business. Apart from this, another question that comes into the picture is to select the best framework for rapid advancement. There are a lot many options in the basket that can be chosen from such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla, etc. Have you ever heard about Kentico, isn’t it something new? Probably yes, if you are a tech-savvy individual then you must have heard about this framework but it can be a new word for those who do not belong to tech background. Via this write-up, we have come up with leading features of Kentico that will help you in elevating your business at a rapid pace.


There are various features of Kentico which are as follows:

Great support with ASP.NET:

Kentico 9 has come up with great support for MVC since the developers are capable to redesign MVC applications in no time. We can leverage the features of this great technology in an open-source format even the developers can make the most out of it in all the aspects.

Impressive Campaign Management

When it comes to campaign management, there is no one parallel to this Content Management System (Kentico). It provides the experts with an opportunity to develop, alter and manage the marketing campaigns effectively.

Constant Integration

No doubt, the website is the way to success but what about its maintenance. In the modern era of technology, we are leveraging the cutting edge features not only in terms of our business but also concerning other growing areas. But all such factors keep on changing, in the same way, it becomes necessary for us to have a bit of activity on our website too. The activities may include the addition of fresh content or attractive layouts so that the user can confront with new and attractive updates every time.

Handy Management

Being a technology with modern features, modules can be easily developed to fulfill the needs and requirements that can be easily packaged and utilized again and again in ongoing or upcoming projects.

The website has made things cozy for us. In the absence of an online approach, it was too difficult to spread the business at a rapid pace but over the past decade, things have been changed. We are having more power in our pocket as compared to our home.

In the above portion of the blog, we have shed up the light over the features of Kentico. There are various features of this famed technology that are left to be discussed in the above context. If you are keen to get aware of all the possible features of Kentico, you may reach out to us at [email protected] We are 24/7 available to help you in dealing with all your technical challenges. Feel free to connect with us via the mail mentioned above. We would be extremely happy to get the words from your side.

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