AHOM Technologies starts providing training on Blockchain using XRP Ledger to the Developers.

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Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Using XRP Ledger

We will learn, the importance of the blockchain within the context of the emerging next-generation Internet.

And discuss about the blockchain as a so-called trust machine and how it enables transparency and collaboration. 

And learn distributed ledger technology talking about smart contracts ethereum and decentralized applications. 

We introduce you to the workings of token economies illustrating.

How the blockchain and distributed Ledger’s can work to build vibrant ecosystems through the use of tokens to incentivize behavior.

Applications of the blockchain to economy society technology and environment looking at both existing practical applications and potential future applications. 

The blockchain is a so-called emerging technology that is currently experiencing very rapid evolution within the space of just two or three years. 

It has already gone through changes in its technical implementation and our understanding of what it is and can be as such our aim is to be future-proof.

What is Blockchain

The blockchain is a term that has come to mean many things to many people. 

For developers it is a set of protocols and encryption technologies for securely storing data on a distributed network.

For Business and Finance it is a distributed ledger and the technology underlying the explosion of new digital currencies for technologists. 

It is the driving force behind the next generation of the Internet for others it is a tool for radically reshaping society and economy taking us into a more decentralized world.

Whichever way you look at it, blockchain has become a term that captures the imagination and fascinates. 

Many as the implications of such technology are truly profound for the first time in human history.

People anywhere can trust each other and transact within large peer-to-peer networks without centralized management.

Trust is established not by centralized institutions but by protocols cryptography and computer code.

This greatly strengthens our capacity for collaboration and cooperation between organizations and individuals within peer networks. 

Enabling us to potentially form global networks of collaboration without centralized formal institutions.

Unprecedented but hugely relevant in an age of globalization and a new set of 21st century challenges that require mass collaboration.

About the Course

This course does not focus too much on the existing technical implementation.

But presenting a more conceptual understanding of the blockchain within the broader process of change of the emerging next-generation Internet.

It is much more than a technology, it is also a culture and community that is passionate about creating a more equitable world through decentralization.

It is a movement to disrupt the disruptors to redesign the Internet and in so doing shake up existing centralized incumbents throughout. 

The course we will introduce you to this culture and its aspirations this course is non technical in nature. 

It should be accessible to anyone with a basic understanding of web technologies and economics.

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