October vs Blogger

Dec 31, 2018

Nowadays, it is not a simple task to handle the websites for our business but the emergence of content management systems have made it smooth and easier to work with. Two of the opponents in the field of CMS that proved themselves a helping hand for the websites are October and Blogger.

Let’s compare both the rivals accordingly:October vs Blogger-ahomtech


Blogger is a part of a famous giant named as “Google” that came in action around a decade ago but still not developed as a first priority for the business owners when it comes to the content management system. On the other hand, October is a free, open source content management system based on PHP and travel application framework. It is more widely used and a fast-growing CMS than its leading flat file CMS competitors.


Inching towards flexibility, October is relatively new and do not requires any legacy code that means it is very easy to customize in a manageable way with the respective plug-in system. As far as plug-ins management is concerned, they always remain separated from the October so that one can install and remove them without disturbing the code framework. Each plug-in comes with its own namespace and database table for avoiding the condition of namespace collisions and plug-ins overwriting. Coming to the opponent, Blogger to is not lacking that much behind in case of customizing the system. It provides us the facility of making the templates as flexible as possible by the help of two methods named as a beautifully simple method and another one is complete customization method. One can easily change the looks of the blog just by changing few of the settings in the Blogger template designer.


Talking about the investments of both the rivalries, Blogger is a free open source content management system that allows you to have all the benefits without investing any amount.However, a user only needs to pay for the domain name if seeking for the name of their own area of interest instead of choosing with blogspot.com. While on the other hand, October is also a free open source platform but one needs to pay the price accordingly if showing the interest in premium plug-ins or themes for the advancement of the business.


For the welfare of any business, security is the most prioritized concern and should always be immediately managed otherwise it may result in outrageous effects. Keeping this in mind, all content management systems come up with best solutions for the better outcomes. Talking about October based on Laravel, a user can only access an index.php file that exists in the root. This allows Laravel to furnish out the existence of any suspicious activity before it gets any further by using middleware. All the newly launched plug-ins get verified from every aspect before they are released that makes it more trustworthy and helps in avoiding the opportunity for a hacker to gain access. Coming on the Blogger, it provides the added advantage of Google’s robust secure platform. This results in a smooth experience where one does not need to worry about managing the server’s resources, securing the blog, or creating the backups.

On analyzing the rivalries, we come to know that both exist with particular quality features and better outcomes based on the situations or demands. So, a specific content management system can never be the best one in fulfilling all the demands or the solutions.

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