Why WooCommerce is perfect for your business

why WooCommerce is perfect for your business-ahomtech,com
Aug 19, 2019

WooCommerce is another free WordPress plugin by WooThemes. It is not a handy task to find a similar plugin that holds the same level of potential. Released in September 2011, it supports a sizeable slice of ever-growing e-commerce business with over 1.6 M downloads across the globe. Being an open-source platform, it provides a user with a user-friendly experience that makes it the prioritized option for the eCommerce startups. Via this write-up, we will make you aware of the super performing features of WooCommerce that will surely help you in giving your business a solid base. So, let’s have a look over the features of the stylish WordPress plugin that fits the bill for budding online merchants out there.


There are several features of WooCommerce which are as follows:


Currently, there are countless high-quality eCommerce CMS that have made the business smooth and handy and support the merchants to sell the product innovatively. But in this smooth uninterrupted flow, the price has always been a vital factor. Most of the plugins require a bit of expense to get started but WooCommerce is the preferred option as it does not require any amount and readily available for free.


When it comes to deal with flexibility, there is no one parallel to the standard of the WordPress plugin by WooThemes. The merchants can exercise a whole lot of flexibility concerning their products without too much of the technical side of things. You can easily categorize the products based on sales, independent attributes, and many more. WooCommerce store is also capable of selling physical, virtual downloadable external products.

Not only an E-commerce

While building their online store, it doesn’t force users to go beyond their comfort zone instead it readily opens the door for other special features. For example: With the help of WooCommerce, the user can establish a fully functioning store with an integrated blog within a professional website. Thank to WooCommerce being a WordPress based platform, it has made us capable to speed up our business to the next level of success.


Being free has not made WooCommerce the preferred option but its quality and customizing ability has provided us an opportunity to tweak the online store to the level of uniqueness. It has come up with over 40 themes and many of them are free and can be used via the WooThemes store.


WooCommerce allows us to exercise a bit of growth and expansion in terms of how you deal with the management of the store, products, and customers. It has come up with several APIs that can be used for building extensions along with an extensive type of document library.

In the above context, we have looked over certain features of WooCommerce. Being a thriving technology of the modern era, there are numerous strengths of WooCommerce which are left to be covered in this blog. If you are keen to get aware of all the special features of WooCommerce, you may reach out to us at [email protected]. We are 24/7 available to help you in dealing with all your technical challenges. Feel free to connect with us via the mail mentioned above. We would be extremely happy to listen from you.

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