Magento vs OpenCart

Now a days there are lots of E-commerce platform based technologies around us. And two of the latest are Magento and OpenCart.  When it comes to setting up an online store, Magento vs OpenCart debate comes into the picture.  Let us have a look over the features of both and compare the benefits.



Talking about both the platforms, both have a lot in common. Magneto and OpenCart are both open source hence they are free to download and both have been developed in PHP. There are many similarities such as both support multiple languages, have large communities and can support a store of any size.



As far as the availability of features is concerned both Magento and OpenCart provide add-on products and plugins so that non-programmers can also make out the best results of the resources by pouring the fewer efforts. Magento has been gaining worldwide recognition for its ability and offerings, as it offers highly customizable shopping experience, unlimited design options, powerful SEO resources, and unlimited plugins or integrations. On the other hand, OpenCart is a lot easier to program when compared with Magento, but has a smaller community basis. It is one of the most suitable technology for startups as they need to deliver quickly without many integrations. It also offers some great tools too which are a little bit simplistic, with not enough features to play with. That’s why it is not the first priority of the professional developers.



In terms of market shares, Magento has an inch ahead and is definitely bigger when compared with OpenCart. Talking about OpenCart it is a lot smaller and newer on the market, but as far as the quality is concerned it is not lacking that much behind or it doesn’t mean that it falls in quality.

From the above points, we come to know that Magento is more suitable for larger stores with larger set of requirements. Whereas OpenCart is more suitable if you’re trying to build your store independently.

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