Artificial Intelligence

February 8, 2019

A modern-day technology that makes it possible to learn from experience, adjust to new points and perform human life tasks is termed as Artificial Intelligence. There are several examples of Artificial intelligence from chess-playing computers to self-driving cars which rely heavily on deep learning and natural language processing. With the help of these technologies, we trained the computers to accomplish specific tasks by processing a large amount of data and recognizing patterns.

Why Artificial Intelligence Important

Artificial Intelligence plays an important role in accomplishing various tasks within less duration without any human resources. Some of the valuable points of this advanced technology are:

Automates repetitive learning and discovery through data

In place of automating the tasks manually, artificial intelligence performs frequent, high volume, computerized tasks without any type of fatigue. For such type of automation, a human inquiry is still essential for setting up the system with exactly right questions.

Improves Intelligence

It adds intelligence to the products, for example, Siri has been added as a feature to a new generation of Apple products. Automation, conversational platforms, smart machines, and bots are combined with a large amount of data to improve a number of technologies irrespective to their place whether they are at the home or at the workplace form invest analysis to security analysis.

Progressive learning Of Artificial Intelligence

AI basically works according to the structure and the regularities in data so that an algorithm can acquire a skill according to the scenario. In this way, the algorithm becomes a predictor or classifier. For Example, an algorithm can teach itself how to play chess, what product to recommend next online. Backpropagation is an Ai technique that enables the product to adjust accordingly when the first answer is not quite right.

Analyze More And Deeper Data

There are various applications of artificial intelligence such as neural networks or machine learning. With the help of neural networks, we can build the fraud detection system using five hidden layers that were almost impossible to have in reality a few years ago. All such changes have come just because of incredible computing power and big data. In short, we can say that the more data we can feed them, the more accurate they become as they recognize the pattern and work according to the previously captured or recorded data. For example, suggested items based on the purchased history of the consumer.

Incredible Accuracy

Artificial intelligence provides 100% accuracy based on the data and the previously recorded history with the help of deep neural networks. For Example Interaction with Alexa, Google search and Google Photos all are based on deep learning and they keep getting more accurate the more we use them. Even we can use deep learning in recognizing cancer on MRIs with the same accuracy as the same as to that of trained radiologists.

How it is being used

It is being used in several fields which are as follows:

Health Care

It provides personalized medicines and X-ray readings, with personal health care assistants that can perform activities in the same way as life coaches do, reminding about the pills, exercise with healthy eating habits.


AI offers virtual shopping capabilities with personalized recommendations and discussion of purchase options with the consumers. Even we can improve stock management and site layout technologies using this advanced day technology.


There are various techniques through which we can improve the strategy and the game plan for the welfare of any team. It can provide coaches with reports on how to better organize the game with optimized field positions and strategies.

Challenges of using Artificial intelligence 

With several many pros it contains a few cons as well which are as follows:

Learning-Based On Data

One of the principal limits of AI is its learning is totally based on past activities and previously recorded data as there is no other way in which knowledge can be incorporated. And it means that any inaccuracy in the data will be reflected in the results. Make sure you have added an additional layer of prediction and analysis separately.

Limited To The Particular Task

Presently, AI systems are trained to do a clearly defined task. The system capable of playing chess can’t play solitaire. A system that is designed to detect the fraud can’t drive a car. Hence, a particular system is limited up to the specific action for which it has been designed. In short, we can say that these systems are very specialized and focused on a single task and far from behaving like humans.


Artificial intelligence provides human-like interactions with software and offers decision for particular tasks, but it is not a replacement for the human resource and won’t be anytime soon.

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