How to secure Magento Store

February 6, 2019

Nowadays, Magento has become a force to be reckoned for e-commerce industry because of its frequently updated features. In this article, we are going to highlight the points through which one can have a safe and secure Magento store. According to the present condition, it is not hard to say that “wherever there are shops, there are thieves; and e-commerce has its share of crooks. Such cyber-criminals remain on the prowl to find any type of weakness or the loop hole in the code through which they can wiggle in.

Let’s discuss several points which can help us to secure Magento store:

Latest Version

Magento frequently gets updated at a good pace, where subsequent Magento versions fix security issues of previous or the preceding ones. Hence, nothing can be more than important to stay tuned about the latest Magento updates. Make sure you are working on a stable version, once a stable release is out, test the same and get it implemented.

Two Factor Authentication

For security purposes, Magento store password alone is sadly not enough. To discourage the attacks instead of the normal password , one should go with two-factor authentication for the security of our e-commerce site. There are a few extensions such as Rublon or Extendware that provide the security with two-factor authentication so one does not needs to worry about password-related Magento security risks.

A custom path for the admin panel

However, it is so easy for hackers to get on the admin login page and start guessing the passwords. And this is not a suitable way to go with as it can lead to have your e-commerce site with various risks. To get rid of such a condition, one needs to apply customised term such as “store door”, as it can prevent the hackers from getting on to the admin login page even if they somehow get a hold about the password.

Encrypted connections

At the time of transmitting the confidential data such as login details across an unencrypted connection.  There may be a possibility of the data interception which may result to give assailants a peep into your credentials. To avoid such a critical condition, one should go with a secure connection for the better results as far as the data security is concerned. In Magento, one can be able to get secure HTTPS/SSL URL simply by checking the tab in the system configuration menu. This extensive feature is the key element in making your Magento website compliant with PCI data security standards in securing the online transactions.

Secure FTP for secure Magento store

Guessing or intercepting the FTP password is the most common way to hack a website of any business. To prevent such a condition, it is more than important to go with a secure password and use SFTP (secured file transfer protocol) which uses a private key file for the decryption purpose or authenticating the user.

Active Backup Plan

Although it is great, if you are taking preventive measures for the security of your Magento store but with such security purpose, it is also a crucial aspect to have an active back up plan including hourly offsite and downloadable backups. With an active backup plan, your data remains safe even in the case of hacker activity, system crashing. Hence, a backup plan ensures the continuity of your services. One can easily prevent the data lose by storing the backup file of the website through an online backup provider. It is always crucial to check with your hosting provider, whether it has a backup strategy or not.

Disable Direct Indexing

It is another crucial way through which one can have secure Magento store. On disabling the same, one can be able to hide the different pathways via the files of your domain are stored. It helps in preventing the cyber crooks from accessing the Magento powered core files. But, one can still access the files if they are familiar with the full path of your files.

E-mail Loop Holes

Magento offers the users a great password recovering facility with the help of preconfigured email address. In case, if that e-mail ID gets hacked, your Magento store becomes vulnerable. Make sure the email that you are using for Magento should be confidential and protected with two-factor authentication.

Sound Hosting Plan

We know that shared hosting can be the cheapest means for hosting a website. Generally, for Magento startups too, shared hosting is one of the best options to go with. But the negative side is, it may result in compromising about the Magento security because of shared hosting. Other than that, a dedicated server can also be an option but it may prove to be more than sufficient according to the needs as you will be restricted to a single server.

We have seen many factors that can favor us for our secure Magento store. If you are still left with any concern about the security of the Magento store, you may reach out to us at [email protected]. We will be more than happy to serve you in clarifying your queries.