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Magento vs Zen Cart

We all are aware of the fact that selecting the perfect CMS is not a handy task at all. So, to choose the best Shopping cart software for the business, you need to go through with all the options available out there. Via this blog, we will help in making you aware of two entities named as Magento and Zen Cart, so that you can opt for the best one for the welfare of the business.


Magento provides a robust and wide range of functions that play a crucial role in the success of online stores. Magento is best optimized for tablets and smartphones. On the other hand, Zen cart development offers numerous schemes, gift certificates and light coupon functionality to the users.


Zencart, as well as Magento both demand a certain level of technical knowledge and coding skills to customize it in a better way. Many customers have complained about the sloppy coding and irritating software updates which have resulted in losing the customization. While on the other hand, Magento is not that must easy to deal with as it demands several parameters for the successful implementation.


In Zencart, we can twist the colors, fonts and further basic design elements. There are various free themes and plugins available which can be easily customized for better outcomes. But on the other hand, Magento produces elegant stores, themes, and plugins which are super in terms of quality, looks, and usability when compared to Zencart.


Magento has come up with several features that have helped us a lot in moving our business towards the track of success. We can browse more than 100s of integrations. On the other hand, Zencart offers its, users, more than 1000 integrations such as bulk order plug-ins, language packs, pricing tools, and certain marketing supplements.


Zencart supports plug-ins for quite a few gateways such as Dwolla or Braintree, whereas Magento integrates with a wide range of gateways and third party processors including PayPal.

Based on the above parameters its a bit easy to say that, Magento is an inch ahead when compared with Zencart as it is fully customizable, elegant, flooded with features and technology with a steep learning curve.

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