What is J2EE Application development

What is J2EE Application Development

Application servers implement Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE Application development)  technology 1.4, which sets the standard for developing multi-tier enterprise applications.  Demonstration of J2EE Platform  The J2EE platform simplifies enterprise app ...

Women Empowerment At Ahom Technologies

Women Empowerment At Ahom Technologies

Ahom Technologies is dedicated to Gender Equality withinside the shape of Women Empowerment At Ahom Technologies.   We use our technology expertise to serve industries, corporations and institutions with a number of work solutions, with 50% of our femal ...

improvements after the launch of an app-ahomtech.com

Improvements After app development

App development has been a worthwhile business for developers over the past years. Whether you are new among the popular tech giants or a major organization, you always want to be at the success