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WordPress Multi-site

WordPress multisite is a type of feature that allows users to build a “network” of sub-sites just with the help of a single WordPress installation. It enables you to use sub-domains of the same root domain within the suitable network. With the help of native WordPress mapping, an administrator can map the custom domains to each of their sites. In this article, we are going to discuss WordPress multisite in detail, let’s get started.

Why multisite

Our primary motivation to go with WordPress multisite is a need to differentiate some of the topics on our blog, without creating any overhead of installing multiple WordPress.

Benefits of Multisite

There are numerous advantages of WordPress multisite which are as follows:

Quick Access To Every Blog

Quick access to several blogs is so convenient, literally with the help of username and password. Authors and admins of the site can access all the existing files just with the single drop-down menu in the WordPress admin bar.

Shared Plugins

One of the major benefits of WordPress multisite is the capability to access the shared plugins. Once the multisite functionality got enabled, it allows you to distribute the plugins to all of your blogs at once. It will be a huge time saver and will be even better if you update the plugin from the network admin dashboard. Hence, the new plugin got distributed to all of the sites.

Shared Themes

Shared themes are another plus point of going multisite. As same as to that of plugins, themes can also be automatically distributed to all the existing sites by making them capable to enable the network. Each and every site, as well as the blog, will be able to run its own theme so that one can easily create various types of sites.

Shared Users

One of the most irritating points that comes with multiple WordPress installations is the creation of duplicate users across the sites. Multisite makes it so easy by managing a centralized bunch of users by providing permission to each of the sites that they require. Users can be provided with access to one, few or all of sites with ease.


With the help of multisite, one can have access to a number of advanced settings and configurations that allow you to make quick adjustments for each and every blog. This extensive feature enables us to see everything from a single place. Hence, it can be a powerful way to manage the website.

Upgrade Once

One of the major benefits of multisite is the ability in which a single WordPress install can manage all the existing blogs. There are several drawbacks of multisite, but in the right context, all the benefits are definitely real.

Limitations of Multisite

  • It is not mandatory that all the plugins will work on the multisite. Before their installation, one needs to ensure that the plugins are multisite compatible.
  • Any individual site alone can’t add or delete the plugins or the themes. In case if they are present on the network they can be easily activated or deactivated as per the requirements.
  • If the server is experiencing downtime, it will affect all the existing sites on the network.
  • Any spike in any of the site on the network may affect the speed of all the other existing sites. This may not be a cup of tea for a beginner to handle.
  • All hosting plans do not support multisite, as they may vary as per the size of the sites. If you are seeking a few sites that are more in the nature of test websites, sharing hosting may actually be more than enough. But as far as the addition of a huge number of sites is concerned, one needs to upgrade the hosting needs to the next level.

WordPress multisite is less complicated but before the installation process, make sure it is the exactly right and suitable solution for which you are targeting. Separating a site from a multisite may be too complex to handle without any professional help.

We have discussed a lot about WordPress multisite, its pros and cons. If you are still left with any concern about the same, you may reach out to us at [email protected]. We are round the clock available to serve you with all your doubts and queries and will be more than happy to listen from you.

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